Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood COLLAPSES After Audio of Andrew Glennon Brawl Goes Public

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Amber Portwood was forced to deal with a damning leak on Teen Mom OG this week.

And we don't mean the kind related to a roof when it rains really hard.

We mean the kind related to how you treated your estranged boyfriend not long after you were arrested for allegedly assaulting him.

Amber Portwood on Air

On Tuesday night, MTV viewers were once again transported back to last summer, shortly after Portwood was booked for attacking Andrew Glennon during a reported domestic dispute.

We had previously witnessed Portwood going to court over the incident -- and, on this latest installment, we witnessed Portwood going all crazy after learning that audio from a fight she once had with Glennon was leaked online.


Or, really, double gulp.

Amber Portwood Reaction

After the disturbing assault audio made its way online, Amber wasn’t certain how to proceed, claiming on air that the recording was from a time she was struggling with her postpartum depression.

Her co-stars weren’t really sure how to be there for, either.

Moreover, Amber didn’t want to see her daughter, Leah, while she was in such a dark place, so she enlisted the help of Leah’s father, Gary Shirley.

Amber Portwood in Red

“I’m remorseful for what I did, because I don’t want to be that person and I never did,” Portwood said.

She insisted that she already had the help she needed thanks to her psychiatrist. Gary was skeptical.

However, to his credit, he continued pressing, urging his ex to seek anger management classes for the sake of Leah and James, her young son with Glennon.

Poor Amber Portwood

Amber initially protested, but eventually relented, and later that day, she and Shirley went to her first appointment. 

It didn't last long, though, for a frightening reason:

Portwood left the session in an ambulance after she fainted in the parking lot.


After learning about Amber’s breakdown, Catelynn Lowell was reminded of all the times her mother had lashed out in the past.

More specifically, about her boyfriends and her relationships. Cate wisely decided to talk to her own psychiatrist about it.

“It took me back to when my mom would get in fights with her boyfriends and stuff,” Catelynn confessed, explaining as follows:

Catelynn Lowell on the Teen Mom

“I was older but I would always get in the middle of it to stop it or things like that, so it brought up a lot of sadness for James.

"I’m trying to be there for her and stuff, but it’s hard to navigate.”

The events surrounding Amber were the focus this week - as they have been all season long - but elsewhere on the episode:

Maci Bookout, Front and Center
  • Maci Bookout dealt with some major drama as she tried to convince Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards to come to Bentley’s birthday party,
  • Cheyenne Floyd worked on creating her own clothing line.
hugging josh

Yup, that was pretty much it. Hard to compete with the fallout from a rage-fueled machete attack ... for better or worse.

Are you glad the popular show is centering so much around Portwood and her obvious problems these days?

Or would you like to see more of a balance?

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