Jana Duggar Accused of Defrauding Fans ... Say What Now??

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Jana Duggar is always under a lot of pressure from her family, specifically from her family's restrictive lifestyle.

Now, her own followers are adding to that tension ... and accusing the 30-year-old of defrauding them. Huh?

Jana Duggar in a Field of Green

You see, Jana has been allowed to do some of the things her siblings could not do until they were married.

She just showed off her legs on Instagram ... and is allowed to have an Instagram account in the first place.

Maybe it's because she's 30. Maybe it's because she's proven that she is so responsible. Or perhaps both.

Jana Duggar in a Skirt

But now, is she about to lose her social media "privileges" after hordes of fans call her out for "defrauding" them?

In recent photos of her gardening, seen above and below, fair Jana can be seen showing off her knees.

Oh yes, her knees. The devil's elbows.

Jana Duggar on Her Knees

This is a huge violation of long-espoused Duggar rules for women, and folks on social media are having a field day.

"I saw this and audibly gasped," writes one Reddit user..

"I see knees!!!!!" commented another.

"I am SEVERELY defrauded!"

Jana Duggar in a Lovely Easter Dress

"Has she ever worn a skirt or dress without pants before?" one fan asked in response. "This is shocking!"

Jana actually has, including a few weeks ago, in the photo she shared on Easter that you can see above.

"This from the girl who photoshops longer skirts on others," another complained.

Jana Duggar Photoshop Pic

That Reddit denizen refers to the Tontitown Grape Festival incident, in which Jana covered the backs of two girls' legs.

Seriously, that happened, using photoshop (above).

There was a time when even this dress - the one in the photo of Jana's knees - would have been unthinkable.

After all, it conforms to some of the curves of her body, instead of making her look as plain as humanly possible.

Duggar, Jana Photo

Jana, like her married younger sisters, has been rebelling of sorts in recent years. Slowly, yes, but surely. 

Pay attention and you'll see her inch closer and closer to the line about what the Duggar family will allow.

Her family's twisted "values" are why fans are accusing Jana of "fraud" by virtue of baring her knees.

Jana Duggar Instagram Photo

See, matriarch Michelle Duggar explained in the past the deranged way in which their family views its dress code.

In her world view, any male thoughts re: sexuality are 100% caused by the way women dress to entice them.

"By keeping those private areas covered, there’s not any ‘defrauding’ going on," Michelle explained years ago.

As if it were a reasonable thing anyone might say or think when it comes to gender roles and responsibilities.

Jana Duggar in Vegas

She added: "My kids are taught the definition of defrauding as stirring up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled."

"We don’t believe in defrauding others by the way we dress," Michelle proclaimed, again, like it's totally normal.

In real life, not Michelle's planet, if a guy "stirs up desires" in himself over a fully dressed woman, that's his business.

The same is true if the woman is full-on naked. Possessing a human body does not give you powers of mind-control.

Jana Duggar Instagram Picture

But in the Duggars' disturbing worldview, men cannot control their thoughts and actions, and women are to blame for them.

This is, to put it bluntly, part of why they were so eager to forgive Josh and sweep his crimes under the rug back in the day,

This is a guy caught molesting his sisters.

Jana & Jim Bob

This is also why they gave the Duggar daughters the code word, "Nike." Why do they need a code word, you ask?

They keep an eye out for women dressed like, well, normal people, and if they see one, they sound the alarm.

Immediately, they use that code word to direct their brothers' eyes towards their shoes and away from pure sin.

Jana Duggar on the Beach

Nike is an odd choice; it's a shoe brand, yes, but also the name of another religion's deity, which is unlike the Duggars.

But then, most of the family received no actual education. We doubt that Duggar homeschooling teaches them that.

To be clear, we don't believe that anyone on the socials is really blaming Jana for her family's beliefs.

No one is sincerely accusing her of defrauding them. We hope.

Jana Duggar Gardens

Instead, they are parodying the farcical yet, frankly, twisted worldview espoused by James Robert and Michelle Duggar.

In their minds, just the sight of Jana's knees may be enough to drive some poor young man insane with lustful fantasies.

In other words, Jana would've somehow wronged that dude.

Duggar Sister Reunion

It may be that the Duggars are loosening restrictions on Jana because her married sisters are able to wear what they want.

(Within reason, of course ... no one's posing in bikinis here.)

Even diehard conservative Christians are usually allowed to wear pants and watch TV, as Jill, Jinger, and others learned.

Check out how far Jessa in particular has pushed her limits:

But thanks to Jim Bob's financial control and the deliberate ways in which she lacks independence, Jana is still in limbo.

We're glad that, at the very least, she can now apparently flash her beautiful, enticing, perfect knees if she wants to.

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