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Nick Viall simply does not have time for Madison Prewett.

Or, to be a little more specific and accurate, Nick Viall simply does not have time for what he believes to be Madison Prewett’s total and complete BS.


On the latest episode of his podcast, The Viall Files, the reality defended Peter Weber for his recent clap-back at his ex-girlfriend.

Prewett, of course, bolted The Bachelor finale last season after getting trashed by Peter’s mom and then getting into it a bit with Weber over his decision to sleep with some other suitors.

(Prewett is a virgin who is saving herself for marriage.)

Madi Prewett and Peter Weber

She then briefly (like, VERY briefly) dated Weber following his After the Final Rose ceremony, and has since said she was "hurt and thrown off" by Weber’s decision to move in with Kelley Flanagan — one of his eliminated Bachelor hopefuls —  last month amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been quite a messy and complicated quasi love triangle.

And now Viall has gotten himself involved, responding to Prewett’s allegation that Weber reached out to her in an attempt to get back together… two days before starting up with Flanagan.

Madison and Peter in Love
Photo via abC

"We know Madison to be a little bit of a liar," Viall said on air this week.

"People want to forget  — I know Madison wants to forget it — but her Instagram…It’s a fact she did that. And, listen, it is silly and trivial and there’s a logical explanation for it that, you know, she wanted people to like her.

"It’s a totally relatable thing."

Madison and Peter Down Under
Photo via ABC

Weber, for his part, wrote online that he thought Madison would have a ‘little more respect for" his "situation" with Flanagan, "given we both know there’s more to the story…"

And Viall is very much on Team Pilot.

"Here’s what we know: Peter might be a lot of things.

‘He might have been sloppy, you could have argued that maybe he’s got some maturing to do, he’s certainly indecisive, but what Peter has also been is honest, even to a fault, almost," said the former Bachelor.

"He’s been so honest that he’s probably gotten himself into more trouble than he needed to, where other leads have been a little bit more measured and made decisions a little bit more based off of what the audience might think, and Peter truly hasn’t done that."

Peter Weber on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Viall then turned his attention again to Prewett.

"If you’re going to be righteous and you’re going to be pious and you’re going to, like, talk about your relationship with God and how you want to be example to young women, blah, blah, blah, I hold you to a higher standard, so don’t be a liar.

"Don’t be vain. I’m vain, I can be vain.

"Don’t have your family use Bruce Pearl’s house for your hometown and sell it as your own home when it’s not your home."

Madison Prewett After The Bachelor
Photo via Instagram

Prewett has been accused of creating a fake fan account to compliment herself while the Bachelor season was airing in January.

She’s also received some flak; not for being a virgin, but for judging Peter’s non-virginal actions, especially when she should have known what happens on The Bachelor before deciding to apply.

"Madison is very smart and very calculated," Viall continued.

"Her brand is God and righteousness and being the true follower of Christ."

Madison Prewett After the Finale
Photo via Instagram

Viall then focused on his version of Christianity — and how it differs from that of Prewett, in his view.

"Being a good Christian isn’t just about not kissing and having sex with other people and talking about God.

"There’s a lot more that goes into that, like humility and honesty and things like that, and a lack of vanity, and all the things that as humans we do.

"I’m hyper-critical of that kind of behavior, to be honest, just because I’ve seen it my whole life and it comes across as incredibly disingenuous."

Photo via Instagram

Viall concluded by inviting Madison on to his podcast, and by emphasizing that he doesn’t trust her.

At all.

"I don’t like that if you’re going to be super pious. I’ve talked to producers and they like Madison, but they also think she can be a little manipulative and a little bit of a liar."