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Tori Roloff understands that the world is going through an unprecedented crisis right now.

She isn’t trying to make herself sound bigger than the COVID-19 outbreak, this ought to go without saying.

And yet…

Tori, Zach and Their Kids
Photo via Instagram

The Little People, Big World has some major personal news to share — and she’s now here to share it.

"Two sundays ago I was baptized," the reality star came right out and explained yesterday, elaborating as follows:

‘I decided to follow Jesus almost 10 years ago but never was baptized.

"It’s something that has been on my heart the last two years and for some reason I just kept putting it off."

Out and About with Lilah
Photo via Instagram

The beloved mother of two then tried to tell followers why she decided to make this major life decision now, writing:

‘Well on March 1st I was sitting in church like “why not?” @josezayas then ended his sermon with “why not just do it today?”

‘Suddenly my excuse of “I didn’t wear the right clothes” wasn’t good enough (@26westchurch coming through with the black t shirt!)"

Tori Roloff, Lilah and Jackson
Photo via Instagram

Tori is the mother of a baby girl named Lilah and a two-year old boy named Jackson.

She’s grown in popularity over recent years due to the candid nature of posts such as these, with the TLC personality often writing about life as a parent and confessing to many of her insecurities.

"I had all of my closest friends there and most importantly my family," Tori continued, prior to acknowledging all that’s going on across the globe right now:

"In light of everything that’s happening in our world right now I’m even more grateful for this step in my faith.

"I know God has got this. Whether it be corona virus or something else, nothing is greater than our God and I put my trust in him.’

Tori Roloff and Cuties
Photo via Instagram

Because it’s on everyone’s minds at the moment, Tori concluded by again making a subtle reference to the Coronavirus and stating:

I’m so thankful for this experience and the peace it has brought me during these scary times. “God sometimes takes us into troubled waters, not to drown us, but to cleanse us.”

Keep each other in your prayers and remember “cleanliness is close to Godliness!”

Tori and other Roloffs will return with new episodes of Little People, Big World on March 31.