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Audrey Roloff has an important announcement to make.

But, no, she isn’t pregnant.

The Little People, Big World alum has teased some huge personal news earlier in the week, only for some followers to think she was expecting once again.

Photo via Instagram

Which is a little insane and maybe even medically impossible; she just gave birth to son Bode seven weeks ago!

Instead, Audrey referenced a "hard decision" she had to make at the outset of her Instagram announcement on Wednesday, adding for some context:

"I was a distance runner in high school and college and I used to write two words on my hand before every race: ALWAYS MORE."

"These words, inspired by Ephesians 3:20, reminded me to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that was within me through Christ," she continued to explain.

"But what started as a motivational running reminder became so much MORE than I ever imagined it would – pun intended⁣."

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Say Cheeese

As Audrey says above (and below), Always More has become a mantra for her and husband Jeremy. They are words the couple lives by.

"Over the past 15 years, ALWAYS MORE has not only been a life mantra for me, but it has also become a community, a clothing line, and a source of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to women around the world.

"I’ve read countless stories about how ALWAYS MORE has helped so many of you through loss, heartbreaking diagnosis’s, mental illness, miscarriages, becoming a mom, athletics, starting a business, or pursing a dream.

"WOW GOD again, more than I ever imagined."

Audrey Roloff! And Ember!

Audrey, who says she may have two more children, continued with her history lesson as follows:

"Four years ago we designed some ALWAYS MORE sweatshirts and tees which y’all loved so much that we quickly grew into a full online retail shop with the hope of further spreading the ALWAYS MORE message.

"It became more than I imagined it would be from an impact standpoint, but also from a work standpoint."

And, remember, this is coming from someone who is suffering in the wake of her son’s delivery.

Audrey is both very busy and also in physical pain these days.

Audrey Roloff Reads

This is helpful to keep in mind in light of where Audrey was going in her message.

"All this to say, as I step more fully into this new season of life as a mom with two littles, I need to take a step back from some things that demand a lot of my time," she wrote, prior to confirming the actual news:

So after lots of discussion, prayer, and tears, I’ve decided to close the shop side of Always More for the foreseeable future.

A Kiss for Bode

Added the former reality star:

"So if you’ve been wanting to grab something from our shop for a while, this is your last chance. Details for the shop closure will be over on @shopalwaysmore or"

While demands from her personal life are making it impossible to continue on with this aspect of her professional life, Audrey did want to leave followers with some words of wisdom.

She almost always tries to do so on Instagram.

Resting with Her Kids

Therefore, this is how Roloff concluded her life update:

I hope this doesn’t stop any of you from spreading the ALWAYS MORE message.

The beautiful thing about encouragement is that it’s free to give, but it could be of infinite worth to the person receiving it. And that’s what I hope ALWAYS MORE will always be.

We wish Audrey the very best in all her future endeavors — and also want to remind readers that her family members are oon their way back to television.

Here’s a look at what you can expect this season on Little People, Big World: