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Normally, Sister Wives viewers are filled with nothing but sympathy for Meri Brown. She has the worst luck.

But as Kody Brown was clearly getting sick of Meri, a lot of fans felt the same. Is she becoming a villain in the family drama?

Meri Brown in a Confessional
Photo via TLC

Meri has made it known in the past that she likes living on land that is lined with trees.

Kody, for once thinking of someone other than himself, offered Meri the parcel of land that’s already treed.

Meri shocked Kody, her fellow sister wives, and viewers by suddenly announcing that trees at her last home prevented her from getting ample sunlight.

It wasn’t just that she changed her tune that had people frustrated.

Kody Brown and Meri Brown in Therapy
Photo via TLC

See, she voiced her complaints about this parcel, but didn’t just announce that she wants a different one.

Instead, Meri seemed to be of two minds about it.

Since she neither accepts nor declines the parcel outright, Kody blows up — which, even with his understandable frustration, is very toxic.

Even Robyn seemingly admits that her defense of Meri wasn’t entirely justified. And fans were livid.

Meri Brown in 2020
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"Meri is a spoiled punk," writes one commenter. "Always gets her way … get a grip!"

The comment continues: "Kody needs to put his foot down with her and stand firm."

"After all is said and done," another opines, "Merry needs just to say where she wants her house to be."

That same fan comments that they are "done with it dragging out too much."

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"I’m generally Team Meri," another admits, "becuase I generally feel like he treats her like a Step Wife."

"However," the fan adds, "this past episode she was a bit ridiculous."

Someone who couldn’t spell either name correctly wrote: "Cody [sic] is so right about Mary [sic] … always the victim."

"A side of Meri not previously shown," another observes. "Self centered and unapologetic."

Meri Brown Looks Great
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Janelle goes on to explain that Meri has always been territorial, sometimes to a point that her family felt was absurd.

Some fans still think that Meri should get first dibs, even if she is being indecisive to the point of unfairness.

That way, it’s still in order of first wife, second wife, third wife, and fourth wife — Robyn.

But others think that Meri had her chance to choose and blew it. If she can’t make a choice, let the other thee decide for her.

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Now, I’m no big city psychologist, but I have to agree with a growing number of fans who think that Meri’s feelings have nothing to do with trees.

(Or with pond access, for that matter)

Building a new house on a new plot of land is a huge decision.

Even if you are theoretically in favor of it, sometimes people find ways of making excuses to put off an inevitable, important choice.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives, Thanksgiving 2019
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Meri isn’t the only one who is anxious.

Janelle, for example, is concerned that if Meri takes a different plot, she may block access to the pond.

(It’s a giant mud puddle right now but it could be made nicer)

And Robyn is basically expecting table scraps regardless. This is a weird and complicated situation.