The Bachelor Spoilers: New Intel on Madison-Hannah Ann Finale Raises Questions, Outrage

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For the past several years, a diligent TV blogger who goes by the name of "Reality Steve" has been digging deep and doing major legwork in order to give card-carrying members of Bachelor Nation what we want:

The most reliable Bachelor spoilers imaginable.

This season, though, something went wrong.

Pete Weber

With the two-part finale of the ABC series just days away, The Bachelor spoilers are still inconclusive. We still have no idea if Peter's final rose will go to Hannah Ann Sluss or Madison Prewett.

(From here on out, we will be discussing spoilers, so if you wish to go into finale week as pure as Ms. Prewett, read no further.)

With that warning, let's get into it ...

Rose for Madison

Earlier this week, Steve announced that he finally felt confident proclaiming a winner (usually his spoilers come toward the beginning of the season, or before it even begins ... guy is a pro's pro).

After months of rumors and anticipation, he revealed in a lengthy blog post that we finally know who Peter ends up with:

Madison Prewett.

Peter and Madison

Legions of Madison fans rejoiced in the streets of Auburn and beyond, while Hannah Ann supporters ... well, to be honest, no one really seems to have any strong feelings about Hannah Ann.

That's not to take anything away from her. She just hasn't inspired the fervent loyalty of a devoted fan base like Madison's ... or, for that matter, the vitriolic hatred viewers hurled at Victoria Fuller.

Anyway, that's not to say everyone's thrilled about Madison.

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber

As you're probably aware, Peter's season has been regarded as something of a disappointment by many viewers, a lot of whom hoped that this journey could be redeemed by a surprise ending.

Fans dreamed up every wild theory from an 11th-hour return of Hannah Brown to a secret Kelley Flanagan pregnancy.

As such, reports that Peter is dating Madison seemed to deflate a lot of the anticipation fans were feeling. BUT ...

Poor Peter Weber

Reality Steve is back with a new reveal ... that even he isn't sure what the hell is gonna happen in Peter's finale. 

"Just gonna put this out there. Since my post this morning, I’ve been on my phone non stop," he tweeted.

"Plenty of things being said. The whole thing is a mess."

Peter on the Finale

"It's madness!" Steve said of this annual March event, adding:

"Being told so many different things now. Original sources sticking by what they said. New sources saying that’s not it."

If you're not a longtime follower of his informative yet terribly-designed website, trust us - this is as rare as it gets.

Hannah Ann Pic

The guy is usually in full command of the conversation surrounding Bachelor spoilers, and is almost always right in the end.

For him to admit he's in the dark is virtually unprecedented. However, he's sure that it's the final two or bust for Pete:

"One thing that I can absolutely confirm again is that this ending does not involve anyone other than Madison and Hannah Ann."

Hannah Ann and Peter

"It involves both of them and that’s it," Steve said.

"No producer, no Hannah Brown, no Kelley - nothing like that. But there is definitely some weirdness going on."

So it seems the most bonkers fan theories are officially out the window, but a lot of things are still on the table.

Peter Weber with a Smirk

Nevertheless, some fans remain dejected. One tweeted:

"Any ending with Madison or Hannah Ann is a bust. We deserved better after suffering through this tragedy of a season."

Another was similarly unimpressed by the suspense:

"Even with just the two of them... the ending is a snoozefest lol they have been saying it’s unpredictable but we all predicted it."

Madison Prewett Photo

"For Peter to even possibly be flip flopping even after the show is disgusting," said one Bachelor Nation member.

"Play your games while you’re in show but afterwards make up your mind buddy," added another disgruntled fan.

Perhaps the lesson we could all agree on is that there's no point in making predictions about this season.

Peter Meme

Although to be fair, Peter nailed that one!

Look folks, we understand your disappointment, especially if you were hoping for the return of Hannah Brown.

But even if it comes down to just Madison and Hannah, that doesn't mean the finale will be totally drama-free.

Hannah Ann Sluss GIF

From what we've heard, Madison self-eliminates, and Peter chases her from Australia to the U.S without dumping Hannah first!

Either that's the stuff true love stories are made of, or it will give you even more reasons to dislike Pilot Pete.

Worth tuning in either way!

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