Melissa Gorga Turns 40, STUNS Fans With Steamy Bikini Pics!

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Jennifer Aydin may have accused Melissa Gorga of being self-centered and vain, but doesn't Melissa have every right to be?

In honor of her fortieth birthday, Melissa shared comparison photos between age 30 and 40. She's an absolute knockout.

Melissa Gorga is Gorgeous

Over the weekend, on March 21, Melissa Gorga turned 40 years old.

"Okay Ladies," she writes on Instagram. "Another year is about to go by."

"You should Never even worry about another decade going by," Melissa says when it comes to milestone birthdays.

As evidence, she posts comparison photos of herself at ages 30 and 40. 

Melissa Gorga 30 to 40 comparison

She's drop-dead gorgeous in both pics.

"You will all get better with age," Melissa vows to her followers.

"Especially," she details, "from the inside out."

"Have no fear!" Melissa encourages her fans. "Embrace it!"

Melissa Gorga Defends Herself

Dina Manzo, Melissa's former castmate on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, saw her post.

"Gurlllll enjoy it," Dina comments.

She tells her to live it up now "because in about 5 years s--t literally starts to fall apart overnight lol."

Existing within an organic body truly is a gruesome prison sentence, but for now, Melissa's is more like a palatial mansion. 

Joe Gorga Gets a Kiss from Melissa Gorga

Now, during the Reunion special, Jennifer Aydin accused Melissa of being deeply self-absorbed.

She mocked her, describing her as always looking at photos of herself and hyping herself up.

"If I looked like you I would be self-absorbed too," a commeter writes, referring to that unfair criticism.

The fan continues: "Self-confidence is healthy and you are proof of that."

Melissa Gorga Gets Confrontational

That fan is absolutely right. A little well-deserved narcissism can do wonders.

Melissa consistently stands out of a crowd, even when she's standing with other strikingly beautiful women.

That certainly includes RHONJ, where family members unfamiliar with the show might walk in at any time and point her out as "the pretty one."

All in all, Melissa is one of the most beautiful women to ever hold the title of Real Housewife.

Melissa Gorga Speaks at the Reunion

Admittedly, some of her followers may feel that Melissa's encouraging caption about milestones and aging are a little tone deaf.

Melissa is rich, with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

She clearly won the genetic lottery. Both of these are major factors when it comes to beauty and health.

Just because she is aging gracefully doesn't mean that the same is true for all of her followers.

Melissa Gorga, Thumbs Up

We should also note that Jennifer Aydin probably cannot claim sole credit for her accusations against Melissa.

She slammed her for her "constant selfies" and "constant accolades."

It seemed strongly implied that this was something that she had discussed with Teresa Giudice, Melissa's sister-in-law.

Tre may have been unwilling to go on the attack herself, so she used Jennifer as a puppet.

Jennifer Aydin is Dismissive

That's the theory, anyway. The camera crew certainly seemed to imply it by zooming in on Teresa like that.

Of course, Jennifer already had beef with Melissa.

She was so furious with her that she threw random objects at her, pelting her with flatware.

Perhaps Melissa's 40th year will see less bad behavior aimed at her.

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