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There is something very dangerous in the world of Teen Mom, and for once, we don’t mean David Eason.

Thanks to the coronavirus, all producers and film crews have been rushed home, suspending filming.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom O. G.
Photo via MTV

While many of us were checking food reserves and practicing social distancing, The Ashley was on the case.

They report that on Friday, March 13, everyone associated with Teen Mom received an important email.

An email similar to what many of us received in recent days.

Mackenzie McKee Breaks the News to Gannon
Photo via MTV

Executive producers, including Morgan J. Freeman, ordered everyone to shut down filming and production and to head home.

Several of the stars had been filming in the past week.

After the email, pruduction professionals departed from any Teen Mom residences or shoots and headed home, many by plane.

Leah Calvert on the Phone
Photo via MTV

Field teams travel extensively, and any one of them might film multiple stars over the course of a season.

Those who work out of a specific Viacom office in New York have additionally been asked to work from home.

All employees are asked to get tested if they are experiencing symptoms, though of course that is easier said than done.

Catelynn Baltierra Photo
Photo via Instagram

Not all Viacom shows have shut down just yet.

However, the executive producers explained to their team members that they had made this hard choice.

Their concern is the safety of producers and the film crew, not to mention of the reality stars themselves.

Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Announcement
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And while COVID-19 is said to be less devastating among most children, no one would want to feel responsible for passing on the illness to a little kid.

So how long will this current policy last?

At present, the suspension of all filming will last for two weeks.

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This length of time has been something of a buzzword as experts suggest that people prepare to remain isolated for everyone’s safety.

Even those who have displayed no symptoms may be infected and could easily spead the virus to others by going out in public.

Unfortunately, it had been scheduled for the Teen Mom OG Reunion special to be filmed in New York during the next few weeks.

Briana and Nova Pic
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Traveling from various points in the US just to film on stage is probably inadvisable.

Particularly when filming a Reunion involves multiple women seated upon the same couches, well within the forbidden six-foot rage.

At this point, given how many people are irresponsibly going out to public spaces without real need, the Reunion may get postponed.

Photo via MTV

Obviously, it will be some time until any of the interruption to filming becomes apparent to viewers who only follow the stars on TV.

In the mean time, those who keep up with Teen Mom via social media or reports like this can remain apprised of what they’re up to.

Regardless of what we think of them as people or as parents, we all hope that the entire Teen Mom family is safe and sound.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a Pair
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In the meantime, the rest of us can learn what symptoms to recognize in ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.

We can all remember that medical experts and governments have advised those with COVID-19 to take precautions.

Most importantly, we can self-isolate in our homes as much as possible, postponing group activities or having them online.

This is a pandemic, folks.

TV shows and movies throwing away millions to keep their stars and crews safe should drive home that message.