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On the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 18 premiere, Kim took a break from trashing Taylor Swift to, instead, throw some serious shade at her own sister.

She also threw an actual punch.

Kardashians Fight

After taking a break from filming their show over the summer, these famous family members were back in front of the camera for this new episode — with some siblings more excited about this fact than others.

Kourtney, especially, was struggling with her return to work, following a month in Italy (pre-Coronavirus) with her children.

"I’m also not only shooting for our show today, but I’m also shooting Architectural Digest for my home," the mother of three lamented.

"So, I’m just being torn in a lot of different directions. And, after being off for a month, it just gives me anxiety knowing that I’m going to be having no real privacy."

"There’s probably going to be 40 people in my house today."

Kourtney, of course, makes millions of dollars in exchange for this lack of privacy. Still, she complained to Khloe about having to get all made up for filming, stating simply:

"I honestly don’t want to film like, ever again."

If that were really the case, Khloe wondered, why didn’t she just leave after Season 17?

"She could’ve made the decision to quit, she chose to not quit," Khloe said on air.

"But she’s here today, exactly where we left off."

"It’s affecting my mood that she’s so miserable that we’re here doing our job… that she has agreed to."

Kourtney Kardashian Gets Angry

Tension was only raised higher after Kourtney took issue with some unexpected costs associated with a recent family trip, a complaint that also pissed Khloe off.

"It’s not that you’re siding with Kim, it’s that you’re siding with production when this, honestly, has nothing to do with you," Kourtney told Khloe, who fired back:

"Then, don’t talk about it in front of me."

Later, during a sit down with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe confronted their older sister about her "negativity" and "bad vibes."

Kourtney claimed to be mostly kidding around, but then Khloe referred to her as an "asshole" and thiings grew worse from there.

"For years, it used to be Khloe and I against Kim," Kourtney said via confessional.

Kourtney Kardashian is Severely Displeased

"And for the last, maybe, three years, it’s just been such a different dynamic where it’s Kim and Khloe against me."

Toward the end of the premiere, Kim mentioned how Kylie couldn’t take part in a fashion show because she was sick.

She questioned her sisters’ work ethic as a result… and Kourtney simply WENT OFF in response.

Having had enough, Kourtney screamed at Kim:

"You act like I don’t do s–t! You have this narrative in your mind…I will literally f–k you up if you mention it again."

"But, honestly, change the narrative in your mind."

"I work my f–king ass off."

Kim simply smirked while Kourtney yelled, which angered the latter even more.

"I will literally f–k you up," Kourtney said.

"What the f–k is wrong with you?" a stunned Kim asked.

"Don’t ever come at me like that. I swear to God, I’ll punch you in your face."

Khloe tried to diffuse the situation, but it was too late.

A punch was thrown; scratches were exchanged.

And in a shocking turn of events, amid ongoing insults from both sides, Kim slapped Kourtney numerous times across the face.

YIKES, right?

Will Kim and Kourtney ever get along again after this iconic meltdown?

What will the script for next week’s episode tell them to do and say?

There’s only one way to find out: Tune in to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, now on Thursdays in prime time!

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