Grey's Anatomy Recap: Wait, WHO Might Be Dying?!

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Is it the beginning of the end for Dr. Richard Weber?

Thursday's explosive episode of Grey's Anatomy was a tough one for longtime fans because it seemingly set up an exit for the character. 

It all went south when he started having delusions and speaking nonsense at a speech that was supposed to drive his career forward. 

Maggie Smiles on Grey's Anatomy

Instead, the event was live-ctstreamed to his nearest and dearest, and every single person worried about his future. 

At the top of the episode, Weber, Maggie, Teddy, and Cormac arrived in Los Angeles for the event. 

Weber went straight to his room to prepare, but things took a turn when his estranged wife, Catherine, showed up. 

She apologized for buying the hospital to spite him, and they seemingly let bygones be bygones, but it was too much of a happy conclusion. 

We later learned that Catherine had been back in Seattle the entire time, and was with his colleagues watching the events unfold. 

Is Webber Drinking?

Weber claimed that he found a cure to cancer thanks to his wife, but everyone was confused by his mumbling. 

“What is he doing? What is happening?” Catherine said while watching the footage. Maggie popped up to take him off the stage to check what was happening. 

“Someone please call 911. I think he’s having a stroke,” she said before the stream was cut off. Catherine couldn't help but admit that she thought he was drunk. 

At the hospital, Maggie dropped the bombshell that even she didn't know what was wrong with him. Will Grey Sloan be able to save one of its originals?

Teddy Helps on Grey's Anatomy

Meanwhile, Teddy was forced to confront the past when she met up with an old friend Clare, a woman that she shared a room with alongside Allison, their friend who died on September 11. 

Clare and Allison wee an item, but we learned Teddy was having a secret relationship with. Clare admitted that she knew the truth. 

The reason?

She ordered Allison's phone records, and Teddy was the person she tried to call when she was about to die. 

As much as Teddy tried to backtrack, she realized that she was in the wrong and ultimately apologized to Clare. 

This was especially wild, considering Teddy is currently in a love triangle with Owen and Tom. 

“I thought no one could love more than one person at once,” Teddy conceded. “Allison did love me, yes, but she loved you too.”

Teddy tried to apologize again later and Claire was in a forgiving mood, and couldn't stay mad at anyone for loving Allison. 

What did you think of all the latest action? Do you think Richard is about to die?

Hit the comments. 

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 

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