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We know you’ve heard this a lot.

We know it’s a cliche at this point.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be true for some couples, and Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell certainly qualify as one of these couples — so here we go…

Catelynn L.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are #RelationshipGoals.

Like, they are #RelationshipGoals personified.

Fans that have followed along with the Teen Mom OG stars for the past few years are well aware of their impressive journey.

These are high school sweethearts who got pregnant as teenagers and gave their first child up for adoption.

Catelynn and Tyler and Family

They then got married and are now parents to a pair of young girls at home, five-year old Nova and one-year old Vaeda.

In between, however, Catelynn suffered a miscarriage and also went to rehab on multiple occasions for issues related to her mental health struggles.

In 2018, Tyler asked for a 30-day separation, emphasizing at the time that he had no plans to file for divorce… he just needed a break.

The MTV personalities have bravely battled through all these obstacles and remained together, recently not only celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary — but also renewing their vows.

Catelynn and Tyler and Vaeda

And we say all of that to now say this:

Catelynn turned 28 years old this week, and Tyler celebrated the occasion with a beautiful poem that paid tribute to his wife.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the bravest, strongest, most beautiful woman I have ever known @catelynnmtv," wrote Tyler to open this message, adding on Instagram:

You illuminate me/In the darkest places/When I’m feeling lonely/You’re always there to save me.

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra, Nova and Vaeda

Look, readers, we’re not crying, okay?

YOU’RE the ones who are crying.

Tyler ended his tribute by writing "I love you honey!" and adding the hashtags #13YearsStrong #MiddleSchoolSweetheart #MyWifey.

Oh, hey, look at that: They were middle school sweethearts even, not just high school sweethearts. Amazing!

Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra

Tyler and Catelynn will soon be back in our lives on a regular basis when Teen Mom OG returns with new episodes on March 17.

In anticipation of this premiere, Catelynn just gave an interview in which she said the couple plans on having one more child. At some point.

“There are plans for more kids," Lowell told Hollywood Life, saying they’re gonna wait a little bit longer and then be "done" at four kids total.

That Is, Just, So Sweet

Both Tyler and Catelynn love being parents and they also love each other more than ever.

"We came out on the other side obviously and are doing really good," Catelynn also said this week of the pair’s separation about two years ago, adding:

"There’s always going to be bumps in the road with any relationship, whether it’s your husband or wife or friendships or any relationship."

It’s true.

And, as Tyler and Catelynn continue to prove, these bumps don’t mean a romance is over. They just mean each side has to work extra hard to make sure it never ends.