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Like her siblings, Jinger Duggar is one of the main stars of a long-running reality TV show.

Normally, that would mean she’s pretty sell set, financially-speaking.

Jinger Duggar With the New Hair

But the Duggars are unlike the Kardashians in a number of important ways.

In fact, the Duggars are unlike the Kardashians in just about every way, but we’ll just focus on their financial differences for now.

The most obvious difference is that the Kards are much, much richer than the Dugs.

And of course, the Duggar pie must be divided up into significantly smaller pieces.

Duggar Family Reunion 2020

Factor in the reports that Jim Bob is keeping the money that TLC pays his kids, and it’s not hard to see why his children might be hurting financially.

In the past, we’ve discussed the fact Jim Bob’s kids have failed to find success as adults.

Many possible explanations for this phenomenon have been bandied about, chief among is the fact that the Duggar kids’ homeschool curriculum hasn’t prepared them for the job market, and growing up famous and (relatively) rich has left them with stunted work ethics.

To put it bluntly, adult life was never going to be kind to someone who combines toxic ignorance and smug superiority like Josh Duggar.

Ginger Duggar

But these days even the smartest and hardest working Duggars are struggling.

Take Jinger, for example.

Along with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger has moved to Los Angeles, and together, the couple have done their best to distance themselves from the more problematic aspects of her family’s belief system.

However, Jinger still carries the Duggar name like the mark of Cain, and as a result, all of her attempts to forge business relationships have been stymied.

Jinger Duggar on Thanksgiving

This week, another company pulled out of a sponsorship deal with Jinger, making it the third brand to do so.

Already, Jinger has been fired by a donut bakery and an online fashion boutique.

Now, carpet seller Ruggable has become the latest to cut ties with the mother of one after being alerted to some of her family’s more controversial beliefs.

A copy of a letter Ruggable sent out to customers informing them of the termination has been making the rounds on Reddit.

"We were not aware of any previous remarks, supported organizations or religious affiliations supported by Jinger and her family," the letter reads, in part.

"This is a complete oversight on our part, and we sincerely apologize, as their family’s views do not reflect our own."

Interestingly, it doesn’t seem the well-publicized Josh Duggar sex scandals have played a part in any of these severed relationships.

Instead, it’s the misogyny and homophobia that form the foundation of the Duggar belief system that are causing problems for Jinger.

Jinger Duggar and Her Hubby

On Reddit, Duggar critics have been expressing their delight at the news.

“[Jinger and Jeremy are] getting a harsh taste of reality that people aren’t going to accept their sh–ty beliefs in LA,” one user commented.

“Good on [Ruggable] for listening!”

Good on Ruggable, indeed.

It’s a shame that Jinger is struggling to strike deals, but she can solve her problems by either publicly disavowing her parents’ bigoted views or getting a real job.

We’d applaud either solution.