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Folks, it’s looking more and more like we’re in the midst of a full-blown Duggar rebellion.

And the defiant ones have just gained an unexpected new ally.

Jessa Photo
Photo via TLC

There was a time when it looked as though Jessa would be the Duggar daughter to carry on her parents’ values and customs.

These days, however, Jessa is asserting her independence and joining her siblings in casting off the shackles of her oppressively strict upbringing.

As is always the case when a Duggar breaks free, Jessa’s acts of defiance have been subtle, but significant.

It all started last week when Jessa wore pants for the first time in a public setting.

Jessa Duggar, Crazy-Eyes
Photo via TLC

Jessa wasn’t actually in public — she was refurbishing a piece of furniture in her home — but she posted video of the event on YouTube, which created a stir among fans.

For most people, putting on a pair of sweatpants before working around the house would not constitute an act of rebellion,

In fact, it’s the kind of action you would engage in without thinking twice about it.

But many of the freedoms that most people take for granted are hard-earned for the women of the Duggar family.

Seewald Family
Photo via Instagram

For most of her life, Jessa has abided by the wildly strict Duggar dress code.

That means she wore long skirts at all times, even while engaging in physical activities such as sports.

Now, suddenly, at the age of 27, Jessa has decided to begin openly flouting the rules set out for her by her parents.

Just days after her scandalous furniture-refurbishing video, Jessa posted the photo below, in which she’s clearly wearing pants once again.

Jessa Duggar Is Wearing Pants
Photo via Instagram

Jessa’s sisters blazed the trail for her here, as Jinger and Jill have been wearing pants for years.

And the timing of Jessa’s decision to stage her own act of sartorial defiance is significant.

Currently, Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, is feuding with Jim Bob and alleging that the Duggar patriarch stole money that was intended for his kids.

Meanwhile, in LA, Jinger Duggar was recently disowned by her parents.

Four Duggar Girls, One Duggar Baby
Photo via Instagram

The Duggar family has been torn in two by these conflicts, and many fans believe that by wearing pants, Jessa is choosing a side.

Pants are the uniform of the rebellion and by putting on a pair of sweats, Jessa is joining her sisters in flipping a very subtle middle finger to her father.

Obviously, it’s possible that we’re reading way too much into Jessa’s choice of attire.

But that seems unlikely.

Jim Bob, Michelle, Jessa and Ben Seewald
Photo via TLC

With how closely the Duggars manage their public images, we highly doubt that Jessa’s decision to wear pants at a time when her sisters are in open rebellion against their father is accidental.

Jessa knows what she’s doing, and she knows eagle-eyed fans will pick up on her actions.

More importantly, of course, she knows that Jim Bob will recognize her actions for what they are.

And it’s anyone’s guess how he’ll respond.