Andrew Glennon: The REAL Reason He Rage-Quit Teen Mom OG!

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This week on Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood went to court over her domestic violence arrest and Andrew Glennon

Andrew said that he needed to be paid more if he was going to relive his side of it all on camera. Now, he is explaining why.

Andrew Glennon, Up Close

Cameras were not permitted within the courthouse as Amber Portwood had to stand before a judge over her alleged domestic violence towards Andrew.

Outside of court, Andrew told producers that he believes that Amber goes into an altered state "when this stuff happens."

He speculates that either she "honestly doesn’t remember it happening” or that she “chooses to make it not exist anymore."

Unlike her famous attack on Gary Shirley, this time there was no video recording to force her to face the truth.

Amber, Andrew Glennon

Andrew also told producers that "it is absolutely not worth it” for him to go on filming for the show.

Reliving your trauma on camera is, well, traumatic. That can have value in therapy, not on reality TV.

He told production that he wouldn't stay on unless he made “the same pay as these other people on the show after the hell I’ve been through."

Andrew has been a secondary star on the show, unlike the former Teen Moms themselves and their OG baby daddies.

Andrew Glennon on Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG rolled a title card across the screen with a simple statement.

"At this time," the statement read, "Andrew decided not to film and tell his side of the story."

That's true, but not a very thorough explanation.

Now, Andrew is explaining his reasoning for asking for a boost in pay and refusing to continue to film for Teen Mom OG.

Andrew Glennon with James

Andrew Glennon knew that people would have questions, so he spoke to the good folks at The Ashley to issue a full statement.

"If we are not seen as equals to the person who abused us," Andrew reasons, "then we cannot work with her handlers."

"And," he adds, referring to both himself and his son, they "must separate ourselves as much as possible."

In other words, he doubts that he'll get a fair shake so long as Amber is the big fish and he's just a side character.

Andrew Glennon Beams at Baby James

"The ONLY way I would consider continuing the same show with the person who inflicted the pain," Andrew continues.

He points his finger at Amber as the person "who inflicted such pain and abuse upon James and I."

Andrew says "would be if we were paid the same as our abuser."

That would be both compensation for his time and insurance that he would truly get to tell his side.

Andrew Glennon Holding Son

“Seems only fair," Andrew reasons.

"Anything else would be wrong on so many levels," he expresses, "and an insult."

"That was my price for continuing to be their punching bag," Andrew states.

He is not mincing words when he discusses how he feels about how the show and fans have treated him since Amber's arrest.

Andrew Glennon and His Son

"I knew [the producers] would say no," Andrew affirms.

"And," he reveals, "I had already quit [the show] in my mind."

"Since being abused, hit, assaulted, humiliated, and lied about in the press," Andrew says, "I’ve only been (partially) paid for one interview."

He has endured that indignity "and haven’t filmed anything other than that, and I won’t."

Amber and Andrew on Season 8

"James and I are out," Andrew affirms.

Generally, a child requires the permission of both parents (or guardians) before they can film on reality television.

"So what people saw [on last night’s episode] was [filmed] when the decision to quit was made," Andrew concludes.

Well, that clears things up. We hope that he and James remain safe!

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