Kelsey Weier: Has She Been Chosen as the Next Bachelorette?!

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Her tearful, melodramatic interactions with her fellow contestants might have made her unpopular with fans -- however, once she got dumped, those very same tendencies made her a highly attractive choice for the folks charged with naming the next Bachelorette!

But enough about Hannah Brown, we're here to talk about Kelsey Weier!

Kelsey Weier

Yes, if you watched Monday's episode of The Bachelor, you know that Peter's visit to Des Moines didn't work out well for Kelsey.

But really, has a visit to Des Moines ever worked out well for anyone?

Just kidding, Des Moines-ers!

Anyway, Ms. Weier is officially a free agent, which means it's a very exciting time for Kelsey fans!

Kelsey Weier Picture

And both of them are psyched about the possibility that she'll be chosen as the next Bachelorette!

Obviously, at this point, no official announcement has been made, but the denizens of Bachelor Nation think the choice is obvious.

“I have a pretty strong hunch it will be Kelsey,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

“She wears her heart on her sleeve and is willing to be openly very emotional on camera. She would be an entertaining lead because of this, similar to Hannah.”

Kelsey Weier, Peter Weber

“I agree,” added another Redditor. “And as we know, the producers pick the leads for good TV and not stability.”

Yes, viewers are convinced that Kelsey's temperamental nature will seen as an asset by producers, not a liability.

Not only that, they think the powers that be are drawn to the fact that she has a lot in common with Hannah Brown -- another Bachelor contestant who wasn't terribly popular during her time on the show, but who proved to be a wildly popular Bachelorette.

“I like her in general and could see why producers would choose her,” another viewer wrote about Kelsey.

Kelsey on Season 24

“My first instinct is ‘hell nah’ but now thinking she could show a whole different side — a la Hannah B when everyone freaked (rightfully so at the time) when she was announced as ‘ette.”

Another factor that's made Kelsey a dark horse candidate among fans is her age.

Kelsey is 28, and while that's hardly old, she's got a few years on the other members of Peter's Final Four.

And since fans are currently pushing for Bachelor producers to raise the age minimum for contestants, those years work in Kelsey's favor.

Home with Kelsey

“But the BIGGEST reason I’d be down for Kelsey is AGE,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

“That would mean an older bachelor the following season and lawd knows we need one after Colton and Peter," she added.

"It would hopefully steer the franchise at least a liiiittle bit away from having an ENTIRE cast of Insta-thirsty contestants.”

The next Bachelorette won't be named until March 12, but we think it's safe to say the fans have made their voices heard

Kelsey W.

Of course, in the meantime, there's the small matter of whom Peter will choose for his future wife.

If you've been following our Bachelor spoilers, you know a frontrunner has emerged, but she's not quite a sure thing.

But there are several things we know for sure.

For example, Peter won't be handing his final rose to Kelsey ... or, for that matter, Hannah Brown.

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