The Bachelor: Peter is in Love! And Down to Four (Very Young) Women!!

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We're down to four, folks.

On Monday night's emotional episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber and his six remaining suitors traveled to Lima, Peru... all while hometown dates loomed on the horizon.

Which of the women would make this all-important cut? 

Peter in Peru

Following a FaceTime chat with his mom, Peter, was inspired to pay the contestants a surprise visit in their hotel room to relay a vital message.

“My biggest fear in all of this is that at the end, I’ll fall for someone that maybe thinks that they’re ready for this, that this is for sure what they want, and they’re not,” he said in condescending fashion.

“So really just think about, is this what you want? Can you really see a future with me? Can you see having a family with me one day?” he continued.

“I want you all to be so honest with me, with yourselves, and that’s all I can ask.”

Peter Weber as The Bachelor 24

Peter and Madison then headed out to explore Pucusana, a local fishing village.

That evening, the two sat down for dinner and a make-it-or-break-it discussion about something meaningful to the 23-year-old:

Her faith.

Madison P. Photo

“I have watched the way that my dad has loved my mom and loved our family, and the way he has such a strong relationship with the lord is the way that he is able to love our family so well,” Madison said.

“That’s kind of a conversation that we haven’t had yet, but faith is more than just this passed-down thing to me, it’s literally my whole life and all of who I am.

"In a marriage, I want someone who also has that relationship with the lord and loves that about me and also wants to raise a family in that way."

Madison on The Bachelor

Does Peter believe?

Yes, but he admitted his faith could be a lot stronger.

“How much faith you do have, and how important that is to you, I love that. Honestly, it inspires me so much,” he told Madison. “It is something that’s important to me. I promise you that."

Madison Prewett on Instagram

SIDE NOTE: Is this not a prime example of why The Bachelor is so lame and sexist? A woman opens up about her faith and the man then reassures her that such a belief system means something to him.

Thanks, dude! But no permission was needed!

Oh, then there was this...

Peter Weber: What Should I Do?

... Peter told Madison he was "falling in love with her" before gifting her a rose!

"This is exactly what I want in a marriage,” she replied.

“Someone who is so real and honest with me, someone who wants to get better, someone who wants to be challenged, someone who values faith, someone who values family."

"And this was definitely a huge, huge step."

Natasha P. Photo

From here, it was time for Peter's first one-on-one date of the season with Natasha.

"In a way, I do need to compare how I’m feeling with the rest of these women with how I’m feeling with Natasha,” he said.

“And the truth is, I’m definitely falling in love with Madison right now, and I don’t know if I’m there yet with Natasha. So tonight I just have to be very honest with Natasha and with myself."

Fun in Lima

They had a fun day and a decent meal, but Peter then let this suitor down as gently as possible:

"Natasha, I owe you all of the honesty you’ve given me. And with the relationships that I have, and at the point that I’m at with them, I can’t give you this rose. And I’m so sorry about that."

The third one-on-one went to Kelsey.

She and Peter spent the day riding ATVs in the countryside, enjoying the views from atop a mountain. 

Peter Weber Hangs Out

That night, Kelsey confided in her dream husband about something personal: her relationship with her dad.

Although they’d been estranged for years, she revealed they had recently reconnected -- but she hadn’t yet told her mother they were in communication.

Such honesty and advice to Peter about avoiding awkwardness on his hometown dates sealed her deal with The Bachelor.

“I’ve told Peter a lot of stuff about my family,” Kelsey said. “And the fact that he, after all that, still wants to come meet them and isn’t running for the hills, it really means the world to me.”

Finally, we arrive at the three-on-one date with Hannah Ann, Kelley and Victoria F., a set-up that did not sit well with one of the ladies.

“Hannah Ann and Victoria F. are children,” Kelley ranted. “And who wants to be on a three-on-one with them? Hannah Ann, she’s what, 23 years old? She’s just not in the right phase of life to be in a relationship.

"And Victoria F., she’s always breaking down and crying.

"Overall, she’s just a hot mess. … I’m on a different emotional level, and I’m the only one mature enough to be actually ready for a relationship.”

Peter and Victoria F.

Peter found time to talk individually to each woman, starting with Hannah Ann... who actually brought a handwritten list of reasons why she was smitten with him.

(The Bachelor Spoilers Alert: Is this why he eventually proposes to her?)

Kelley then told Peter that lots of stuff "add up" between them, while Victoria... yelled at him?

“Every single time we’re together, I feel like you’re always in a mood,” she said. “And it’s extremely frustrating because I just don’t know how to move forward if this keeps happening.”

annoyed ladies

Peter shot back that Victoria has given him reasons to "doubt" her, which prompted her to break down once again.

“I think I just don’t want to get to the end and then lose you,” she said. “So it’s easier to just not have you in the first place.”

This had to mean she was a goner, right?

WRONG! Peter gave her a rose.

Fighting with Victoria

“I know it’s not always been super easy between the two of us,” he said. “And I want you to know how much I appreciate you opening up today, and I want you to know that I want to continue this.”

Who would he then select between Kelley and Hannah Ann?

The latter!

“I have no idea why I’m in this car, but Peter made his decision and that’s that,” an angry and stunned Kelley said.

Kelley F. Photo

She went on:

“Does it suck? Yeah. Do I agree with it? No. I question his intentions, because I just don’t really what phase he’s at in life."

"The four [women] that are left are like, little babies. They don’t really who they are. Are you a child, or are you an adult?”

Peter was unfazed, however.

two more women

“I’ve got four amazing ladies going to hometowns," he concluded.

"To be honest, I feel like it’s the right four."

"For me, and the type of person that I’m looking for and I feel like is my best match, I definitely can see one of those four as my wife right now."

But who will it be?!

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