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Meri Brown either hates being a member of the Sister Wives cast…

… loves to stir up speculation on social media…

… or perhaps some combination of both these things.

Meri Brown Appears Happy
Photo via Instagram

What else is there to think about the veteran TLC personality after she posted the above photo on Instagram this week — and included with it yet another mysterious caption.

This has become a common practice for Meri, who simply never seems happy with her life as one of Kody Brown’s four Sister Wives.

We can’t say we blame her for feeling this way,

We’re just curious if she’ll ever do anything about it.

Photo via Instagram

Back in September, Brown wrote about one should never "allow yourself to be used" and added that one ought to love, of course, but never "allow your heart to be abused."

Does that sound like a woman content in her marriage?

Meri, of course, sort of split from Kody years ago, only to end up a humiliating catfishing scandal that partly contributed to her returning to the controversial relationship.

She has since talked about a "new beginning" with Kody, only to continually fuel speculation that she may leave the marriage by sharing content such as her most recent Instagram post.

Meri Photo
Photo via Instagram

"I am me. I’m comfortable with who I am and what I do," wrote Meri to open this new, lengthy caption, continuing as follows:

"I focus on what I have and what I’m doing and don’t get wrapped up in what the other person is doing, or how successful the other business owner is."

Sounds like a smart philosophy, and not necessarily reflective of someone dissatisfied with her ongoing lot in life.

But then Meri continued…

Meri Brown in a Confessional
Photo via TLC

I distance myself from toxicity, and draw closer to positivity. I create a safe and positive physical space to be surrounded by.

I enjoy being with the people who enjoy being with me. I want people in my life who want to share and occupy the same space, and cherish the good times with them.

This seems especially notable right now because Meri did NOT spend her birthday with any Sister Wives.

Moreover, all the Sister Wives appeared to totally snub and ignore her on that occasion.

Sounds like some serious toxicity, doesn’t it?

Photo via TLC

To conclude her intriguing message, Meri looked toward her future and cited her past and, once again, came across like a person in search for meaning:

I leave myself open to the possibility of love, growth, change, improvement, challenge, and all the things that will lead me to become a better woman, a kinder person, in a more positive headspace, and able to conquer challenges and realize my dreams.

I look forward to what’s ahead, leave the past in the past, and enjoy the here and now. This is what matters. This is my vision.

So, to recap:

Meri Brown on the Couch
Photo via TLC

Meri is open to the possibility of love, which makes it appear as if she doesn’t feel that emotion right now with Kody.

And she seeking a "more positive headspace."

And she wants to leave "the past in the past."

We’re not crazy, right? Meri Brown is absolutely gonna leave Sister Wives, isn’t she?