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Long before she married Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was no stranger to the spotlight.

Sure, she never achieved A-list status as an actress, but she attended countless red carpet events, and enjoyed a sizable enough Instagram following that her popularity on the site enabled her to launch her own lifestyle brand.

Markle and Prince Harry
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In the early days of her relationship with Harry, Meghan likely believed that all of this public attention would be sufficient training to at least partially prepare her for the rigors of royal life.

These days, she would likely be the first to admit that she was badly mistaken.

As you’ve certainly heard by now, Harry and Meghan have stepped down from their roles as senior members of the royal family.

Part of the problem, of course, was that the couple had been badly mistreated by the British tabloid press and the situation engendered bullying and abuse on social media.

At a Parade
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In an interview that was filmed during the Sussexes trip to Africa, Meghan revealed that her British friends warned her about the UK’s infamous tabloid press.

Sadly, it seems she had to experience the savagery firsthand before she realized how damaging it can be.

And unfortunately, it seems Meghan is now learning that the damage has been done, and the anti-Sussex campaign waged by the UK media has had a lasting impact on the way she’s viewed by the global public.

Yes, Harry and Meghan have moved to Canada, and devoted themselves fully to their philanthropic efforts.

A Royal Creation
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But as Radar Online points out, Meghan and Harry’s most vitriolic haters are still battering them with hurtful comments.

"Scroungers. Using tax payer funds vehicle getting paid to sell your souls to JP Morgan. You wanted privacy so why are you posting videos from the past," one follower wrote on a recent post.

"Wanting the Benefits of being ‘Royal’ but not wanting to be ‘Royal’?? Go figure??" another troll added.

"She seduced him. She brainwashed him. She controlled him. She drove him out of his mind. He no longer has an identity of his own. She turned him into a carbon copy of herself. She betrayed him and the whole Royal Family," another unhinged hater chimed in.

Laughing with the Prince
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"Self promotion again! You’re irrelevant," one commenter wrote on a post about Meghan’s work with battered women.

Fortunately, these days, Meghan and Harry are no longer limited by the royal family’s rules about their interactions with the general public.

Sadly, Meghan isn’t clapping back and telling these haters where to get off, but she has gotten into the habit of simply deleting the most hurtful comments.

Unfortunately, her haters are apparently regarding this latest development as a victory.

Meghan Markle in Red Coat
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"Every time you delete my comment it means you’ve read it," one follower commented thise week.

"She has a new job of deleting comments," another added.

"My comments been deleted Surprise…surprise narcissist Me me Megan doesn’t do anything negative about her!!!" a third chimed in.

The whole situation serves as a reminder that some people are so angry and delusional that you simply can’t win in your interactions with them — and unfortunately, their numbers seem to be growing.