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Kylie Jenner may be a young mom who got pregnant as a teen, but she and her limitless resources have really stepped up for sweet Stormi.

During a Q&A that included big sister Kim Kardashian, Kylie confessed that she wants four children … very, very soon.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Christmas 2019
Photo via Instagram

Recently, Kim sat down while baby sister Kylie did her makeup on camera, something they’ve wanted to do for years.

During the glow-up process, both businesswomen answered fan questions. For example, who were their first crushes?

Kylie’s was Taylor Lautner — as Sharkboy, not Jacob. And Kim’s was, brace yourselves, Johnny Depp.

Kylie’s choice has aged much, much better. Also, if either had been any closer in age, they could have just said Justin Taylor-Thomas.

Photo via Instagram

Then came another question, which asked about motherhood.

"How Kim manages being a mom of four and her work life?" one sentence fragment asks.

"And Kylie," the tweet continues, "do you see yourself with four kids?"

For most people, the answer to part two of that question would be only in my worst anxiety dreams.

"Everything is super planned out," Kim answeres, explaining how she wrangles four young kids who are so close in age.

"I’m really, really organized," she expresses.

"I think that’s the key to being successful," Kim suggests, "is being organized."

She is also extremely wealthy. With wealth comes childcare opportunities that most Americans cannot even afford for one child, let alone four.

Kylie and Stormi at the Patch
Photo via Instagram

And what about the question aimed at 22-year-old Kylie? 

"I see myself for sure having four kids,” Kylie’s strong and jarring reply comes.

Though she has her heart set on being outnumbered, Kylie admits: “I just don’t know when."

But she does want them soon.

Photo via Instagram

‘I don’t have a timeline to this," Kylie freely confesses.

She adds: "and I don’t know if I’m gonna have four kids tomorrow."

Kylie continues: "or if I’m gonna have four kids in like seven years."

For the record, "like seven years" is still extremely soon to be a mother of four.

Kylie Jenner Cuddles Stormi
Photo via Instagram

Looking at Kylie’s timeline, that means two things.

First, that she wants to have four kids before she even turns 30.

That meanst hat she won’t be an ampty nester, if all goes according to plan, until she’s pushing 50. She’s just skipping her 20s and 30s, huh?

Second, her timeline means that she wants to pop out kids in rapid succession, no more than two years apart.

Kylie Jenner Brings Daughter to Work
Photo via Instagram

We are of course not judging Kylie for loving motherhood. Children are precious and amazing.

Some of us love kids like we love pandas — adorable to see on a video, less adorable in a restaurant, sending us into panic mode at our homs.

But we can still appreciate that there are people who went to spend two decades limiting their lives and schedules because they are parents.

And Kylie certainly has the resources and family support to provide for four children both materially and emotionally.

Kylie Jenner Enjoys Tequila
Photo via Instagram

In fact, Kylie can also go out and party when she wants to.

Part of this comes from being 23 and able to bounce back from partying in ways that she will not be able to duplicate in just a few years.

But also, between Stormi’s loving aunts and Kylie’s limitless wealth, finding someone to watch Stormi is no issue.

So our real question is this: is Kylie looking to have Travis Scott be the one to knock her up again? It was all too easy the first time.