Caroline Flack Death Ruled a Suicide, Family Releases Unpublished Instagram Post

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We have an update on the tragic death of Caroline Flack.

The former Love Island host was found dead in her apartment this past Saturday, just two months after she quit as the emcee of this British reality show due to an arrest for assault.

Caroline Flack on Instagram

Authorities have now officially ruled this death as a suicide.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, the family of the television personality released a previously-unpublished Instagram post where Flack opened up about the arrest and the incident that preceded it, referring to the latter as an "accident."

For those unaware:

Flack was taken into custody in December after getting into an altercation with her boyfriend, Lewis Burton, and, allegedly, throwing a lamp at him.

Caroline Flack, Boyfriend

The 40-year old was also hospitalized at the time for wounds believed to be self-inflicted, as reports from back then describe police arriving to a bloody scene between Burton and Flack.

It remains unclear exactly what transpired, but Burton has since denied the allegation that Flack attacked him in any way.

Those close to the reality star had also been pushing prosecutors NOT to pursue a case against Flack due to her unhealthy mental state.

This effort failed, however, as Flack was scheduled to stand trial in early March at at the time she took her own life.

Lewis Burton

In the aforementioned social media post, which was given to local U.K. newspaper The Eastern Daily Press, Flack wrote that she "took responsibility for what happened that night," but said she was "NOT a domestic abuser."

The lengthy message (published below) was seemingly meant to go live just a few days after her arrest.

At that time, Flack wrote on Instagram that she had "been advised not to go on social media," but took a moment to wish fans a happy Christmas and express her love.

Caroline Flack Talks

And she added:

"This kind of scrutiny and speculation is a lot to take on for one person to take on their own... I'm a human being at the end of the day and I'm not going to be silenced when I have a story to tell and a life to keep going with...

"I'm taking some time out to get feeling better and learn some lessons from situations I've got myself into to."

Flack never did break this silence, though.

Caroline Flack Image

According to Eastern Daily Press -- which printed Flack's formerly private statement in full -- Caroline sent it to her mother in late January.

"So many untruths were out there, but this is how she felt and my family and I would like people to read her own words," mom Christine Flack told EDP.

Out of respect for Flack and the sticky situation in general, we're also gonna just go ahead and publish the message in full.

It reads as follows...

Caroline Flack Pic

For a lot of people, being arrested for common assault is an extreme way to have some sort of spiritual awakening but for me it's become the normal.

I've been pressing the snooze button on many stresses in my life - for my whole life. I've accepted shame and toxic opinions on my life for over 10 years and yet told myself it's all part of my job. No complaining.

The problem with brushing things under the carpet is .... they are still there and one day someone is going to lift that carpet up and all you are going to feel is shame and embarrassment.

On December the 12th 2019 I was arrested for common assault on my boyfriend ...

Within 24 hours my whole world and future was swept from under my feet and all the walls that I had taken so long to build around me, collapsed. I am suddenly on a different kind of stage and everyone is watching it happen.

Caroline Flack Photo

I have always taken responsibility for what happened that night. Even on the night. But the truth is .... It was an accident.

I've been having some sort of emotional breakdown for a very long time.

But I am NOT a domestic abuser.

We had an argument and an accident happened. An accident. The blood that someone SOLD to a newspaper was MY blood and that was something very sad and very personal.

The reason I am talking today is because my family can't take anymore. I've lost my job. My home. My ability to speak. And the truth has been taken out of my hands and used as entertainment.

Caroline Flack

I can't spend every day hidden away being told not to say or speak to anyone.

I'm so sorry to my family for what I have brought upon them and for what my friends have had to go through.

I'm not thinking about 'how I'm going to get my career back.' I'm thinking about how I'm going to get mine and my family's life back.

I can't say anymore than that.

flack denial

On Sunday, Burton broke his silence over Flack's death.

In an emotional Instagram post, the tennis player wrote he was "lost for words" over the passing of his girlfriend and expressed that he would be her "voice" moving forward.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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