Hannah Ann Sluss: Here's Why Fans Are SURE She's The Bachelorette!

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Those of us who have been following The Bachelor spoilers for months now finally know Peter Weber's final choice.

But one question hangs in the air:

Who will be the next Bachelorette? 

Hannah Ann Photo

A lot of fans are pointing to Hannah Ann Sluss, the brunette beauty pictured above, and it makes a lot of sense.

Hannah Ann isn't just another frontrunner on Season 24 of The Bachelor.

Even in a crowd of truly stunning, beautiful women on Peter's season, Hannah Ann stands out from the rest.

She is also especially young. This April, she will turn 24 years old.

Hannah A. Pic

Assuming that she does not somehow end up with Peter - which we'll explain is still technically possible - she could end up with her own season.

People on social media seem convinced that Hannah Ann is a shoe-in for leading lady, but it's still a polarizing topic.

"Idk this might just be me," one writes, "but I feel like Peter will chose Madison and Hannah Ann will be the next Bachelorette."

Hannah Ann S. Photo

Another fan who is clearly not enthralled by the idea vows: "If Hannah Ann is the next bachelorette I am boycotting."

"Bear with me: Hannah Ann for bachelorette," says another. "Think about it… I’m here for it."

"Hannah Ann is doing whatever she can to be the Bachelorette," another accuses.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber

Another comment opines: "I would bet money that Hannah Ann is the next bachelorette."

"It feels like Hannah Ann studied textbooks about how to be successful on The Bachelor," one tweet begins.

The tweet concludes by saying that she wants to be good enough "just to last long enough to become the Bachelorette."

Hannah Ann Sluss

Now we're getting into serious Bachelor spoiler territory, so buckle up.

It is believed that Peter sleeps with at least one of his final three contestants and possibly two of them - so probably Hannah Ann.

That's very normal for people who are dating and also for the show, but Madison Prewett (pictured below) becomes distressed.

It is reported that she removes herself from the situation, excusing herself from Peter's consideration, to Peter's chagrin.

Peter Weber, Madison Prewett

So where does that leave Hannah Ann?

Well, if you believe the conspiracy theory that she's been angling for her own season this whole time, right where she wants to be.

A frontrunner, abandoned by an indecisive and deeply horny Bachelor at the last minute while he chases after the one that got away?

Hannah Ann Sluss: Flying on Peter's Plane?

Even if Hannah Ann weren't one of the prettiest women on the planet, that would put her high up in the consideration pool for the next season.

Hannah Ann has a lot of potential as a Bachelorette beside her (possibly intentional) storyline appeal as Peter's runner-up.

Unlike, say, Victoria Fuller, she doesn't have a racism scandal that, however unintentional, is hurting her career.

Hannah Ann Sluss Picture

She also mostly stayed out of the drama ... except for champagne-gate, of course.

That seems like just the right proportion of drama to make someone interesting enough to be a non-boring leading lady, doesn't it?

On the other hand, there may be reasons to believe that Hannah Ann is not the Bachelorette, despite the hopes (and fears) of the Bachelor Nation.

HannahAnn Sluss

First of all, she is so young.

Let's be honest - people probably shouldn't get married before they're 25. 

Some (older) fans have been complaining about how young the contestants are. A super young Bachelorette is not what they're demanding.

And then there's the question fo whether or not Hannah Ann ended up with Peter after all.

Hannah Ann Sluss, Peter Weber

See, someone who shared a Tik Tok of themselves with Hannah Ann at a Knoxville restaurant claims to be in the know.

According to them, the gorgeous young model was talking about looking at apartments with someone who sounded a lot like Peter.

That's all a little dubious, right? But it's possible that Peter struck out with Madison and went crawling to Hannah Ann.

Kiss for Hannah Ann

You know, like Arie Luyendyk Jr. did, but without being a soulless monster about it.

That said, Reality Steve believes Madison Prewett may be engaged to Peter after all.

Peter and Madison were reportedly dating after the season concluded, but then, just recently, Madison was spotted filming in Alabama.

With no sign of Peter, it's possible that it's some sort of promo or follow-up with her, possibly even teasing Madison as the Bachelorette.

But it's also possible that the cameras were there to film Peter proposing to Madison, weeks after the season (proper) ended. We just don't know.

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