Christine Brown Releases Mud Room Photo, Gets Totally Plastic-Shamed

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Christine Brown has spent the last several years giving Sister Wives viewers a glimpse into her life.

But the long-time TLC personality gave these same viewers a glimpse into her mud room on Wednesday...

... and we're guessing she regrets doing so right about now.

Christine Brown Outside Her Home

Brown used her Instagram platform this week to inform followers that she needs to seriously organize one specific part of her house.

Along with the photo below, the Sister Wives cast member wrote as a caption:

This is just ridiculous!! My mud room needs some help. Something from the back of my car has got to work! #mudroom #organized #makingshelves #toomuch.

She's certainly right, isn't she? This is a lot:

Christine Brown mud room

Upon seeing this snapshot, a few fans commented on the mess -- but Christine's entire point is that she needs to clean it up.

That's why she next shared a photo of shelves she bought at a store to install herself.

A handful of others, however, remarked on another aspect of Brown's picture... and that aspect centered on the many (and we mean, MANY) plastic watter bottles sitting on the shelf.

Christine Brown Stops and Smiles

In this day and age, where more people than ever before are aware of the negative effect such material has on the environment, Christine received enormous backlash for still drinking out of plastic water bottles.

Has she never heard of a Brita?

Or some other water infiltration system?

"Why are you still buying plastic water bottles??????" one critic questioned on Twitter, adding: "So bad for our environment."

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives in Season 14

Just something for Christine to ponder, you know?

As we write this, of course, Brown has plenty of other things on her mind as well.

Foremost for all Sister Wives these days is Kody's request (proposal? Outright demand?) that everyone lives under the same roof of one polygamous palace in Flagstaff, Arizona.

He's broached this topic on the last few episodes of this TLC reality series, and basically no one else is on his side.

Christine Brown Looks Happy

Christine, for example, is on record that she'll never live with her fellow Sister Wives.

She's cool living near Meri, Christine and Robyn. But under the same roof? No thank you!

Christine has also taken recent issue with how producers have allegedly edited episodes to make her look bad, to which her haters online would probably respond:

Hey now, you're doing that all on your own with those plastic water bottles! Stop killing the environment!

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