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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have one reason to celebrate at the moment…

… and another reason they may soon be celebrating.

And the reasons are very much connected.

Catelynn and Tyler and Vaeda

On Friday, the veteran Teen Mom OG stars feted their youngest child, as little Vaeda turned one year old on February 21.

Catelynn acknowledged the occasion by sharing the photo above and writing as a caption to it below:

Happy 1st birthday to our silly, lovely, cuddle bug Vaeda beta butt!!!

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra, Nova and Vaeda

I cannot believe you are already a year old. you have brought soooo much joy to this family!!

I love you with all my heart!!!!!!

Tyler echoed this sentiment on his own social media page, writing:

Vaeda Luma Baltierra, I just can’t believe you’re ONE YEARS OLD TODAY!!!

Tyler with Vaeda

Your first year went by so fast & words could never express the amount of joy & love you have brought into this little family of ours.

Happy Birthday tinky butt! We love you so much!

How very sweet all around, no?

Catelynn and Tyler with Vaeda

With both a one-year old at home and a five-year old (daughter Novalee) at home, Catelynn and Tyler are probably pretty darn tired and awfully busy these days, right?

They’re probably not thinking already about adding to their immediate family, right?

Wrong, folks.

In a new interview with People Magazine, the couple makes it clear just how wrong this latter assumption would be.

Catelynn Lowell with Ty

“My baby fever is insane!” Catelynn says now to People, to which Baltierra concurs as follows:

“We’re not done yet. We just love being parents too much.”

(For the record, Tyler and Catelynn also welcomed their first child, Carly, in the first season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. They later placed her for adoption.)

That Is, Just, So Sweet

Tyler and Catelynn can’t predict what child they would have next, of course — and, thus far, their sperm and eggs have combined to go three-for-three on the female front.


“I want a boy. I want a boy so bad,” Tyler says. “I told Cate, I don’t really want another kid, I just want a boy.”

Whichever gender they get, Catelynn just wants him or her to arrive as soon as possible.

Tyler with Nova and Vaeda

“I want to be done with kids before I’m 30,” the 27-year old tells People.

Tyler and Catelynn have been through it all in their five years of marriage, from the aforementioned adoption to this weird 30-day separation in late 2018.

But their union is now so strong that the couple went ahead and renewed their vows in Hawaii a few months ago.

Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra

The ceremony will be featured in new episodes of Teen Mom OG, which kick off on Tuesday, March 17.

“I actually planned the vow renewal so Tyler had no clue,” Lowell explained to Us Weekly.

“I decided to do it because of the year we had prior. It was like a new beginning and recommitting."

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She added:

"We are stronger now. Whenever you go through things as a couple and come out on the other side, you are always stronger!”

Overall, Lowell and Baltierra have been together for a staggering 14 years. That’s literally half a lifetime for them.

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What keeps the romance going after all this time?

“Once you find the person — your soulmate — you know that we’re not going anywhere,” Baltierra says.

“We just got to ride this crazy roller coaster until we get to the other side.”

We love it. And we’re just so very happy for these two.