Jessa Duggar: I'm Having Triplets! (Or Am I?)

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Jessa Duggar is 27 years old and has three kids.

Due to her maiden name, however, fans spend very little time cooing over these young children and instead posing a question that basically goes like this:

When are you having the next one?!?

Jessa Duggar in 2020

On one hand, this is understandable because, let's face it, the Duggars have a lot of babies.

Like, A LOT of babies, pretty much year round.

On the other hand, it's always sort of inappropriate and very much out of line to pry into a woman's private life to such a degree that you're publicly speculationg about the status of her womb.

This seems like an obvious point, but it's quite often ignored on social media.

Jessa Seewald on Her Gram

Just consider the latest Jessa Duggar rumor, sparked simply because the reality star shared a video of her youngest child on Instagram.

On Monday, February 3, the Counting On cast member upplaoded footage of her three children playing around, including eight-month-old Ivy Jane working on her crawling skills. 

You can see in this viideo that the adorable little girl is really getting there, with her famous mother writing as a caption:

“The way she jerks those chubby legs up to get into her crawling position. It gets me every time.

"She’s two weeks into her discovery of this new mode of transportation, and she’s getting better at it by the day. It’s so cute to watch. She’s so proud of herself when she reaches her destination!"

Jessa Duggar Confesses

How special, right?

What is there to say in response, except, basically, AWWWWWW?

The person below came up with something.

“Bet she [is] pregnant again now," remarked a nosy observer, to which Jessa went along with the quip and fired right back:

Yes, and it’s triplets this time! 

j duggar tweet

We're pretty positive she's kidding, but one can never be absolutely certain when it comes to the Duggars.

In other actual news, Jessa seems to be in a unique with her parents these days.

She could break away from the family at any time, really, and be just fine on her own... while Jim Bob and Michelle are losing control of various other siblings (Josh, for obvious reasons; Jinger, who seems always at odds with her mom and dad; etc.)

What will Jessa do with all this power? We have no idea.

Jessa Duggar Holds Son

For now, she seems content to remain a prominent figure on Counting On and to even let cameras record her most intimate moments.

But down the line? Could she angle for more money or a different role? Perhaps.

That is, unless she's too busy with her triplets to do much of anything at all.

Just kidding, you guys!

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