Anna Duggar: Look! I Take Care of My Own Baby! Okay??

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Anna Duggar seems to have a pointed message for her critics.

Just a few days ago, this former reality star was trashed by a bunch of haters because they were somehow under the impression that she didn't care for her sixth (!) child, Maryella.

This criticism stemmed from one photo and one dumb reason.

Anna Duggar and Some Family

But perhaps the negative feedback got back to Anna and perhaps that inspired her to make it quite evident that not only is she the main caretaker for her tiny daughter...

... she basically never leaves Maryella's side.

Earlier this week, Anna posted a photo of herself and her youngest on Instagram, penning as a caption to the snapshot:

"Maryella and I are ready to head out with Josh for our weekly date night."

Anna Duggar and Child #6

This really is a sad statement, on multiple levels.

First, Anna has to still go out on dates with husband Josh, who is an admitted child molester and who is someone that has cheated on his wife multiple times.

Second, wait a minute...

Anna brings her small baby with her on these dates? She can't even get a break for a couple hours at night? Why?!

anna explains

Clearly, the celebrity gossip writers of THG weren't the only ones asking.

"How come you don't go out just the 2 of you?" wondered a follower.

"Is it because you breastfeed? If so that's awesome."

"And awesome if you don't. And you just like to bring the baby."

Josh and Anna Duggar Family Photo

Somewhat amazingly, Anna took note of this inquiry and actually replied to it.

“For me, it is much easier to bring a nursing infant along for our date," she wrote.

"Once they are weaned or eating solids we will leave them with a babysitter.”

Anna and Maryella

Anna just gave birth to little Maryella in November 2019 and it makes perfect sense she would still be breastfeeding.

This response does make us wonder, though, whether or not the 31-year-old Anna uses a breast pump.

Couldn't she have a bunch of breast milk in reserve for date nights or other occasions when she's gone for a bit?

Anna Duggar and a Kid

No judgement at all here.

We just feel sorry for Anna because it really does sound as though she can't ever have any time for herself.

Of course, we felt sorry for Anna already for broader reasons, because she's stuck in a marriage with Josh.

Maryella Duggar

Does she stay with him because she's a curageous woman of spunk? Some people actually believe this.

Or does she stay because she's trapped in both a loveless marriage and a cult that won't let her leave?

Some might also make that argument, that's for sure.

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