Amy Roloff Pays Heartfelt Tribute to the Man She Truly Loves

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Amy Roloff has made one thing perfectly clear of late:

She is ready to move on from her past.

Now, however, in a moving Instagram post that the Little People, Big World star shared on Valentine's Day, Amy Roloff is also here to make something else perfectly clear:

Amy Roloff on Valentine's Day

She's excited for the future!

Specifically, she's excited for a future that includes Chris Marek by her side.

"A wonderful loving Happy Valentines Day with Chris. I can hardly believe it’s our 4th day together," wrote Amy to open a caption that accompanied the romantic photo above.

Amy Roloff with Her Fiance

This marked one of the first time she had gushed about Marek since announcing the couple was actually postponing its wedding.

Not because she has any doubts, Amy explained at the time, but because money is a little tight these days.

In this post, Roloff opened up about all that makes Marek her ideal partner:

Chris and Amy at the Farm

"He makes me laugh, my heart pitter patters when I’m with him-think of him, I’m stronger, he keeps me on my toes."

"He loves me, helps me be a better me, enjoy just hanging out with him and of course, there’s love."

"I love this man. He loves me."

Amy Roloff on Christmas

As you recall, Amy and Chris got engaged in September, following months of fans wondering when the proposal would take place.

This was right around the time Amy's mother passed away, and a short time before she welcomed two grandchildren into the world.

So it makes sense that she's still feeling a bit emotional and profound of late, as evidenced by her moving Valentine's Day tribute.

In the Car with Chris

"Valentine’s Day is a day to give and show a little more extra love towards each other and those around you," continued Amy.

"I look at all of February as a reminder for us all to show and give a little more love and say words that are more loving and kind."

"Maybe we would appreciate and respect each other a little more in all our differences and uniqueness."

Chris and Amy at the Farm

"Love... it’s in all of us," she adds.

"I think we just have to find it more often."

From here, Amy pivoted into faith and religion.

She did her best to offer up advice to anyone seeking guidance:

We Are Engaged!

Regardless of what’s going on around us, showing love starts with each of us not pointing to that person or another first.

It’s begins with us. Love is a verb so let’s act on it. Love is easy and hard at the same time but well worth it.

There’s no better way it was shown to us than the love of Jesus.

A Special Dinner

And then the longtime reality star and mother of four concluded by quoting some scripture:

John 3:16, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. If all we had was love that’s more than enough.

Love is everything. And I hope you felt loved this weekend and everyday.

Amen, right?

We continue to send our very best wishes to Amy and Chris. We'd love an invite to their wedding ... hint, hint!

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