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Amy Roloff has once again made it clear:

This whole moving thing hasn’t been very easy on her.

Amy Roloff in Oregon

As dedicated Little People, Big World fans know by now, Amy spent a lengthy period of time trying to decide if she wanted to sell most of her property on Roloff Farms to ex-husband Matt.

Late last year, she finally decided to do so.

A short while later, Amy purchased a home in Oregon about 15 minutes away from where she had lived for decades…

… and she’s since shared multiple Instagram messages that make it evident Amy is excited for this next step, but also sad and scared.

Amy Roloff Eats Brunch
Photo via Instagram

Now, Amy is doing so again.

"I see light at the end of the tunnel as I move my things out of the farmhouse," Amy wrote on Friday at a caption to the very first photo posted above.

She then explained why one aspect of this move has been especially challenging for her:

"The basement area was tough. It reminded how much I miss and Love teaching. I can’t take it all with me though, just because, I’ll need to leave most of it behind and hopefully donate/give away to a good cause."

Photo via Instagram

As property records have shown, Amy sold her part of Roloff Farm sto Matt for $667,000.

She then purchased a new residence for herself for $588,500 on September 27, 2019

And she had someone very close to her assisting with the process:

Fiance Chris Marek is a real estate broker. So that works out well!

Amy Roloff on Valentine's Day
Photo via Instagram

Continued Amy in her post:

"I couldn’t resist taking a few more books…

"I love reading and love reading to kids. I hope to get many chances to read to my grandkids [Ember, Jackson, Lilah and Bode] as much as possible.

"I think if I could have one room just full of books I would have it. Why I think libraries are so important in communities, especially small towns."

Amy Roloff and Cute Ember
Photo via Instagram

As mentioned previously, this isn’t the first time Amy has confessed to missing the farm a little bit.

In this case, however, Amy shifted her focus a bit and concluded by emphasizing her past with books and her love of books, writing:

"Anyway… I’m rambling. I better get another box and fill it with books I just can’t leave behind or give away quite yet. Hope you’re having a Good Friday!"

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