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While most of us react to Kobe Bryant’s tragic death with horror and shock, some were quick to try to cash in on his death. It happens.

Now it appears that T.I. is trying to use this tragedy to elicit forgiveness from his daughter — the one whom he humiliated in a recent scandal.

T.I. and Daughter Deyjah Harris
Photo via Instagram

Last November, T.I. revealed that he creepily polices his daughter’s hymen, having her sign off so that her gynecologist will answer his intrusive questions.

This ignited a storm of justified outrage, because what she does or does not do with her her genitals are simply not his business.

Imagine being so much of a f–kup as a father that New York considers banning exactly what you did? Because that’s T.I.’s situation.

Even weeks after the initial interview, T.I. was still trying to justify it, much to his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris’ embarrassment.

T.I. Scares Us
Photo via Getty Images for BET

The day after a tragic helicopter crash claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others, T.I. took to Instagram.

In one post, he shared a series of photos while paying tribute to daughter Deyjah Harris and stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins

"I love you girls more than my vocabulary will allow me to express," T.I. gushes.

He praises: "You have grown so much right before my very eyes & blossomed into strong,brilliantly opinionated, independent young women."

Photo via Instagram

"I’m so proud of you both and I love you to no end,more than you’ll ever know," T.I. continues.

"Please forgive me for any and all imperfections that cause misunderstandings between us…." he writes.

T.I. adds: "Charge my mind,not my heart."

"You see Life may throw us curveballs & deal us some pretty bad hands at times," he states.

T.I. at Dinner
Photo via VH1

T.I. then assures: ""But rest assured,you’ll NEVER find yourself in a place too high or low for me to be there to catch you when you fall."

"I just Can’t let another second go by without letting you know while we’re still here in this life together…. " he explains.

"You have ALL MY LOVE FOR ALL MY LIFE…&AFTER‼️" T.I. concludes.

His post elicited mixed reactions.

Tameka Harris and T.I. Pic
Photo via Getty

We could, cynically, argue that T.I. is jumping on this tragedy as an opportunity to wipe clean the slate.

He humiliated his daughter in an international scandal and never seemed to fully appreciate why he was so, so wrong.

The controversy was so intense that the way that he ended his message to his daughters conjures up the image of a ghost floating around inspecting hymens.

Is he hoping that all of this "life is short" mentality in the air will pressure them to forgive all of the nonsense that he’s put them through?

T.I. on the Red Carpet
Photo via Getty Images for HISTORY

But maybe T.I. is genuinely feeling remorseful about his inexcusable hymen clownery.

He’s had almost three full months to think about why the entire world was furious with him for being an intrusive creep.

It might be very fair to say that he’s realized that he was in the wrong, or at least realized that he should pretend that he knows it.

Besides, he didn’t just give a shoutout to his daughters.

Photo via Instagram

"I’m so proud of each and every last one of you guys," T.I. writes in a tribute to his sons.

"You each somehow represent different parts of me that you’ve made your own," he characterizes. Weird.

"I’m impressed by your growth & maturity & honored to lead,guide& direct you as you learn to master your destiny," he praises.

T.I. affirms: "I Love you all more than you know. Want you to always walk through life being absolutely certain of that."