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Following the shocking death of Kobe Bryant, nearly every entertainer and athlete has shared some sort of tribute on social media.

The former basketball player was that well-known and that revered across the world.

But while some of these tributes have stood out for all the right, emotional reasons (such as this one from Lamar Odom), others have stood out for the wrong, tone-deaf reason…

Kailyn Lowry on the Air
Photo via MTV

… such as the one described here by Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry.

Shortly after news spread that Kobe, his daughter and seven others perished in a private helicopter accident yesterday morning, Lowry took to Instagram and simply said she hopes the superstar rests in peace.

However, this two-word message was accompanied by a link.

If someone clicked on the link, it took the user to an article — and Kailyn then got paid for delivering traffic to the website on which this article was posted.

Kailyn Lowry Podcast Pic
Photo via Instagram

This, in an of itself, in a common practice on the Internet.

(It’s true. Welcome to the underground, monetization world of many reality stars; a great many of them simply share links and talk about various items because they make money to do so.)

However, using a celebrity’s death to pad your bank account is almost as gross as it gets, which is what has prompted such a harsh backlash against Lowry in response to the Instagram post.

It has since been deleted… and it is very possible, if not even likely, that this was some sort of automated mistake.

Kobe Bryant, Daughter
Photo via Getty

Kailyn may very well have had no idea that her reaction to Bryant’s death would be tied to what amounts to a paid advertisment.

Hence why she quickly erased the post and why she then added a simple "RiP Kobe" to her Twitter page.

As you can see below, however, the damage had already been done. 

"What is wrong with you??? He just died and all you’re worried about is making a quick buck??? Imagine wanting to profit from someone’s DEATH!!" wrote one angry user in reply.

Added another:

"Money really can’t buy you @KailLowry class, but I’m glad we could at least shame you into doing the right thing this one time."

To be clear, there are a few folks out there who understand how this sort of arrangement works and who tried to come to Kailyn’s defense… but they were mostly drowned out by the haters:

Kobe, sadly, was killed around 9:45 a.m. on Sunday when the helicopter on which he was a passenger crashed amid dense fog.

He was on his way to a basketball camp with his 13-year old daughter and a few others.

The tragedy has rocked the sports world and all of Hollywood, with messages of mourning pouring forth from all corners of the country.

This is as unexpected and as awful of a famous death as we can almost ever recall.

Photo via Instagram

So whatever you think of Lowry and her Instagram post, let’s all try to focus on what’s important here:

Millions of sports fans have lost a role model and an immediate family — Bryant left behind a wife and three daughters, including a seven-month old — has lost a sister/daughter and a father/husband.

We send them our thoughts and prayers.