Jenni Farley Lashes Out: I'm NOT a Bully and I'll Bang Younger Dudes If I Want To!

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JWoww is not putting up with anyone's crap in 2020, y'all!

Last year couldn't have been much more tumultuous for the Jersey Shore star, and it seems she's made a resolution to put the entire world on notice and look out for number one.

JWOWW at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

In the past 12 months, Jenni finalized her divorce from Roger Mathews and started a new relationship with Zach "24" Carpinello.

So for the most part, she moved forward.

But Jenni also took several steps back in 2019 -- and her latest explanation of her controversial behavior has a very "I won't be saying this again" tone.

As you may recall, Jenni took a ton of flak for her handling of a situation involving Carpinello and her Shore castmate, Angelina Pivarnick.

This is Zack Carpinello

Basically, Carpinello groped Pivarnick while a very drunk Jenni was passed out just inches away.

When Farley saw the footage, she dumped Carpinello -- only to take him back a few days later.

Then Jenni did something truly baffling by blaming the whole situation on Angelina.

This led a bizarre in which JWoww and Snooki bullied Angelina at her own wedding, offering an extended "roast" that left geusts horrified and the bride running from the room. Not a good look.

JWoww 24, Kids

Earlier this week, Farley took to Instagram to share a photo from her New Year's celebration with her two kids and the slightly older 24.

(Just kidding, Jenni!)

As reported The Ashley's Reality Roundup, she also posted a lengthy caption, in which shye

“How I’m edited on TV can sometimes suck but I will always keep it [100 percent] … even if that means I come off wild in an episode,” Jenni wrote. “Some of the scenes you see are condensed because there’s only so many minutes in an episode," she wrote.

"Also, sometimes … I’m just a bitch …” Farley added.

Zack Carpinello with Jenni

Can't fault her for not keeping it real.

From there, Jenni defended her oft-criticized relationship with 24.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today w/out personal growth, friends, family and yes even 24 … because again, you saw a glimmer of my relationship on TV when we were 6 weeks in and you haven’t really seen it since,” she wrote.

“As a mother of two and a will that will not break, I would never accept anything but greatness by my side and that’s what 24 proved," Farley continued.

Zack and JWoww

"To be everything I needed when I thought I didn’t need anyone.”

If Jenni chooses to continue on MTV, she'll be doing so without her number one ally.

Last month, Snooki has announced her retirement from Jersey Shore, and it seems she's finished with reality TV in general, which means no more spinoffs about the besties.

One might think that the rest of the cast would take Snooks' decision as a sign and hang it up themselves, particularly with all the PR nightmares of the past year.

But one must never underestimate the allure of an extremely-cushy high-six-figure gig.

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