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Last week, Jersey Shore fans were not the least bit surprised to learn of yet another violent altercation between Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley.

This time, Jen was the alleged instigator.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Smooch

She and Ronnie seem to take turns attacking one another.

Back in October, Magro was tased and arrested after assaulting Jen at an LA Air Bnb.

This time, it was Jen who ran afoul of the law after she attacked Ronnie with eyeliner at his home in Las Vegas.

Yes, eyeliner. 

Hug for Harley

It’s not the most conventional weapon, but apparently Jen is the McGyver of domestic violence.

Ron claims that his ex used the makeup-application pencil to repeatedly stab him in the face, at one point seriously damaging one of his eyes.

The story of how Harley obtained said eyeliner — and why it threw her into a rage — is an interesting one that sheds a lot of light on this situation.

Ronnie says when he discovered Jen rooting through his garbage cans late one night.

Ronnie Just Chills

There’s nothing funny about domestic violence, but if you picture this scene as Ronnie turning a flashlight on Jen as she hisses before attacking like an eyeliner-wielding rabid raccoon, well … it’s mildly amusing.

Anyway, it was initially assumed that Ronnie meant the garbage cans outside his home.

But a new report from TMZ reveals that Magro told police he has no idea how Harley gained access to his home, as she does not have keys.

The plot thickens.

Ronnie Looks Ponderous

It now appears that Jen broke in and ambushed Ronnie.

That may not have been her plan from the start, but it seems she flew into a rage after discovering another woman’s makeup in the trash, and she then used said makeup to stab Ronnie in the face, a move that shall henceforth be known as a Seaside Makeover.

Anyway, Ron says he has obtained a restraining order against Jen but her lawyers say he “was in violation of the restraining order in effect against him” when he contacted her recently.

They also claim she has not been contacted about a restraining order against her.

Jen H.

Harley’s lawyer Lisa Bloom was recently asked by TMZ what Jen was doing in Ronnie’s home, and she gave an evasive answer:

“You ask a good question and there is a good answer, but we will be presenting her position in court, not in the media,” Bloom said.

”She has not been served with a restraining order and any contact the two had in recent weeks would be a clear violation of the restraining order against Ronnie.” 

Meanwhile, Ronnie has been trying to look on the bright side:

He posted the above pic of himself with his 2-year-old daughter Ariana this week.

Currently, Harley has full custody, and Ronnie is prohibited from seeing his daughter, but sources say the Jersey Shore star is confident that will soon change.

Ron also posted the phrase “every morning is a blessing" in his Instagram Story.

We guess surviving a vicious eyeliner attack really puts things in perspective.