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This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, all hell broke loose as SnakeGate devolved into a full-on brawl.

As the episode aired, the vicious feud between NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore spilled over onto Twitter. Take a look:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Nearly Brawl in Toronto

"You should have said it when you had the time to say it, NeNe. You had the floor!" Kenya yelled at NeNe in this week’s episode.

As you can imagine, NeNe shouted back: "You shut the f–k up, bitch!"

There were a lot of exchanges of that same line … and then things devolved into a brawl.

Had NeNe and Kenya not both been held back at different times by different castmates, things could have been so much worse.

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"What I’m mad about, blew-up booty," NeNe explained, "is that you continue to provoke someone and then you wanna act like you’re a victim."

She continued to speak to the camera despite addressing the non-present Kenya, saying: "You’re not a victim, blow-up booty."

She then threatened to "deflate" Kenya’s butt, which we do not believe is how it works.

"Don’t make me have to stick a pin in that fake butt and push the air out," NeNe menaced.

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This is where Kenya appeared to tweet her response to NeNe’s words.

"Does she own a mirror?" Kenya asked on Twitter.

Her tweet continued: "On her 6th nose job always coming for the pretty girls on the show #byeugly #byewig #byesnake #RHOA."

Earlier, Kenya had tweeted: "If you haven’t figured it out yet, there are 2 [snakes] not one!"

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Kenya also retweeted a number of fans who clearly see things her way.

"Nene is the biggest pig out there talking about someone else being fat," one body-shaming retweet reads.

"I’m here for kenya," another retweet begins.

The twitter user comments: "Bihh get in nene ass lol like bihh you still mad that she didnt tell you she inviting her friend to her own party."

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That same tweet continues, complaining: "Say what tf you gotta say or shut up about it I hate a beat around the Bush ass female."

"Kenya was right," says another retweet. "There was ample opportunity for Nene to say something. PERIOD!"

"There was plenty of time for nene to say something," tha tweet insists. "F–k that bitch."

Wow. Tell us how you really feel. (On second thought, please do not)

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Kenya was not the only one on Twitter, and NeNe Leakes had plenty to say.

"I hope y’all are watching with clear eyes and open ears," she expressed to her fans and followers.

Like Kenya, NeNe also opted to retweet people who saw things from her perspective.

"There goes Kenya meddling in @NeNeLeakes and Cynthia’s relationships," a retweet observes.

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"Everyone so quick to blame @NeNeLeakes," marvels another tweet, "but yet Kenya has a history for provoking people and s–t."

"@NeNeLeakes was just trying to make peace!" reads another tweet.

That tweet continues: "I’m not sure why the other ladies for cannot see #KenyaMoore for who she is!"

"It’s making the show look scripted," that same tweet observes. An interesting choice for NeNe to retweet, right?

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"Kenya knows she’s not about the life," another retweet accuses.

That same Twitter user expresses: "I wanted @NeNeLeakes to drag that f–king bitch."

Wow. Seeing comments like this is normal, but it’s a hell of a thing when both Kenya and NeNe are retweeting them.

"So proud of you @NeNeLeakes!" another retweet gushes. "You really kept your composure and didn’t drag Kenya down the hall."