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For over a month now, fans and viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have wondered who is the snake who recorded Cynthia’s NeNe shade?

On Sunday night’s episode, SnakeGate devolved into a full on brawl as the culprit was revealed!

Cynthia Bailey and Her Hair

There was a lot of conflict in the episode, so we’ll walk you through it. That’s what recaps are for.

The ladies were in Toronto where, after Tanya Sam’s rooftop shindig, they assembled in Marlo’s room.

Yovanna and NeNe weren’t quite there yet, so the other Housewives had the opportunity to conspire.

Porsha and Kenya came up with a scheme: they would confront Yovanna as if they already knew that she was the infamous Snake.

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When Yovanna arrived, they claimed that they already had confirmation that Yovanna had been the one who recorded Cynthia disparaging NeNe.

We may never know how well that tactic could have worked, because the hostess, Marlo, interrupted to spoil everyone’s fun.

She straight-up informed Yovanna that they were lying and had been plotting this line of questioning.

This left Kenya and Porsha angry that they had been foiled, and Yovanna was pissed about yet another confrontation.

Eva Marcille Hits Out

Enter NeNe, who was wearing a red dress with "a whole titty out." It’s about time that ancient Minoan fashion had a resurgence.

That impression wasn’t enough to distract Yovanna from what had just gone down. She announced that everyone in the room was "fake" AF.

Cynthia once again tried straight-up asking Yovanna if she had recorded her.

This is when she and Kenya asked NeNe who the snake was, at which point NeNe started playing shady word games instead of answering.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 Cast
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"You sittin’ over there ’cause you upset ’cause you done ran your goddamn mouth, and you gonna find out who it was!" Marlo screeched at Cynthia.

"This is a serious situation right now for me," Cynthia fired back. "So if you wanna get loud and show your ass, you go ahead."

Cynthia told her: "I could go to bed right now."

It being Marlo’s hotel room, she strongly discouraged Cynthia from disrespecting her in her "house," which did not go over well.

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Cynthia was more vicious than ever before as she and Marlo continued to fight.

"I should have known your ass ain’t motherf–king changed… F–k you!" Cynthia furiously accused.

Marlo retorted by calling her "the most insecure woman in the world" and a "bald-headed scallywag."

That’s one hell of an insult. It’s worthy of becoming a meme.

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After a while, Kenya waded into the fray, cutting through the shouting match to remind NeNe that Cynthia was waiting for an answer.

NeNe fired back that, quite simply, she is "not a snitch."

"I will say this," NeNe announced. "The person that — whatever happened — just stand up."

Obviously, not one soul in that powder keg of a room budged.

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So … is Yovanna definitely, definitely the snake?

"Snake is just a — not a nice word," NeNe later told a producer. "So I wouldn’t call her a snake. Is Yovanna the one with the information? Yes."

"What I know is that Yovanna has some sort of audio of Cynthia," she confirmed.

NeNe added: "It’s really important for Cynthia to hear what this girl has to say. I don’t want the girls to think that I just made up some bulls–t."

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"I don’t owe her that," NeNe explains of why she didn’t tell Cynthia right away.

"She didn’t tell me anything when I needed to know," she continued. "She didn’t give me any warning signs."

"She didn’t give me a heads up," NeNe complained. "So I’m not giving her a heads up, no."

In other words, she is still salty about not getting advanced notice that Kenya Moore would be at a party. Amazing.

NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams Bicker

Meanwhile, Porsha was still turning the screws on Yovanna, who was sick of hearing it.

"The snake is your man!" Yovanna exclaimed to her. "You need to worry about your man!"

At this, Porsha stood up and had to be physically restrained by Eva Marcille, who was super pregnant and did not need to be involved in this brawl.

"Y’all not my friends," Yovanna insisted. She then shouted: "Worry about your man f–king animals, bitch!"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Nearly Brawl in Toronto

"You should have said it when you had the time to say it, NeNe. You had the floor," Kenya accused her arch-rival.

Eloquently, NeNe retorted: "You shut the f–k up, bitch!" Both women are adult millionaires. Both exchanged this same insult several times.

As they physically neared each other, NeNe had to be restrained — by Porsha and Marlo and a few others.

Kenya made her exit but NeNe followed. Thankfully, she had a coterie of others shadowing her to hold her back from leaping at Kenya, if needed.

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NeNe blasted her hated foe: "What I’m mad about, blew-up booty, is that you continue to provoke someone."

She continued: "and then you wanna act like you’re a victim."

"You’re not a victim, blow-up booty," she complained to the camera.

NeNe indirectly warned Kenya: "Don’t make me have to stick a pin in that fake butt and push the air out."

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The episode ended with Kenya trying to delicately inform Tonya of the story of her man hitting on cookie store employees.

This was when Kenya shared that Marc had told her that men cheat because "once a cheater, always a cheater."

Let’s hope that she remembers his words for their current drama.

Meanwhile, Porsha got re-engaged to Dennis in front of everyone, which was probably a gigantic mistake.