Sister Wives Tell All: Kody and Meri Tease Their "New Beginning"

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According to previous reports, Meri Brown is sick and tired of being a Sister Wife.

According to Meri Brown herself, however, she has either taken some medicine or found time for a few naps or these previous reports were false...

... because she says everything between herself and Kody Brown is all peaches and cream these days.

Kody Brown, 2 Wives

Kind of. Sort of. To some extent, at least.

On Sunday's Sister Wives: Tell-All special, Kody and his quartet of wives looked back on the relationship issues that prompted Meri to seek out a relationship with a woman online masquerading as a man a couple years ago.

You remember that catfish scandal, right?

It was humiliating for everyone involved.

But Kody said on TLC yesterday that the discovery of this awkward dalliance led to where the pair are today -- and that is actually a very positive place.

Meri Brown on the Gram

"What we've had to do is discover our new baseline," Kody explained to the host, elaborating as follows:

"Every marriage has a baseline, and it gently changes through the years for most people.

"Well, Meri and I had an abrupt change. Different culture, Different religious values, we might have just [gotten a divorce], but we're fortunate enough to be blessed to be a part of a family that is its own culture.

"So we continue to move forward working on that, steadily moving in a direction where we're just fully mended."

Just last month, Meri took off on a cruise without Kody, posing with a number of handsome men and certainly acting like a single person who was pretty darn psyched to head out and mingle.

She's been pretty open in the past about her frustrations with the ongoing arrangement.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown Celebrate Her Birthday

But Brown sounded a somewhat different tune on this Sister Wives special.

She said she "looks forward" to healing their rift, sounding a little less optimistic than her controversial husband and adding:

"I don't feel like we had an abrupt change, I really don't. I feel like the realization of it was probably abrupt, but I think that it was like moving in not a positive direction for a really long time prior to the realization."

Kody agreed.

He said that he and Meri had been on an unhealthy path for a long time, but sounded excited about what he billed as a "new beginning" for the couple, stating of that catfishing scheme and all other issues:

"The past is gone."

Meri Brown and Kody

Is it, though?

Or, as William Shakespeare once wrote in The Tempest, is the past prologue?

"You have to figure out a way almost to just cut it off and just be dead," Meri said of her beliefs about her marriage before the scandal. "I honestly have had to mourn what is gone."

Sounds like Meri is resigned to her romantic fate far more than she's fully invested in it and into it, don't you agree?

"Meri's very into nostalgia," Kody chimed in at this point. "I'm just looking into the future."

"And I'm looking at a future as well," Meri said in response. "I am, and I have a lot of hope for what could be."

As for their status at the moment?

"We are dating," Kody said, concluding:

"We literally got to a place, it just got nasty. And like no, we're not gonna do that anymore ...

"I am cutting off everything that was the past. It's a new date, it's a new girlfriend, it's a new person, but we have a history and we also know each other."

Sounds... promising? We guess?

Stay tuned, Sister Wives fans.

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