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We talk a lot about how vicious and cruel the British media has been to Meghan Markle. But tabloid racists are not her only adversaries.

Few have been more hurtful to the Duchess than her own family. Now, a lawsuit has revealed Meghan’s text exchanges with her awful dad.

Meghan and Thomas Markle
Photo via Instagram

Prince Harry, tired of the same smear machine that hounded his mother until her death, is taking the Mail on Sunday to court.

The whimsically named British rag obtained and publish a piece of private correspondence from Meghan to her father, Thomas Markle Sr.

Part of the evidence submitted in court is the texting history between Meghan and her dad.

No one is really surprised that The Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday‘s sister publication, opted to publish those texts for the whole world to see.

Thomas Markle on Good Morning Britain Again
Photo via BBC

The texts follow the falling out between father and daughter. But they don’t start off hostile.

On May 10, just days before her wedding, Meghan texted her dad about the clothes that she had bought specifically for him to wear to the wedding.

"I look forward to trying on my shoes and see how we look thank you for getting it ready for me," Meghan texted him.

She added: "It’s probably past your bedtime so have a good night. I love you Dad."

Thomas Markle
Photo via Good Morning Britain

But, as we all know, days later, Thomas Markle Sr. suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital.

This was shortly after he was exposed for having sold access to himself to paparazzi, letting himself be photographed at arranged places and times.

He later received a text which he interpreted as being from Prince Harry, which admonished him for coordinating with the press.

Thomas also informed them that he would not, in his current state of health, be able to fly out for the wedding.

Thomas Markle Picture
Photo via The Sun

"I’ve done nothing to hurt you, Meghan or anyone else," Thomas wrote back. "I know nothing about 20 phone calls."

Melodramatically, Meghan’s dad also texted: "I’m sorry my heart attack is … any inconvenience for you."

Of course, we all feel tremendously sorry for him after his tragic health crisis and would not wish that on anyone.

But some would interpret his text message as passive aggressive or even manipulative.

Thomas Markle Photo
Photo via BBC

In November of 2018, after months of granting interviews left and right and saying whatever he liked, Thomas texted Meghan again.

"I want to reach out to you or try to reach out to you one more time," Thomas told his daughter after months of repeatedly betraying her trust.

"You apparently have just written me off," he observed.

Thomas added: "And now it’s telling me I guess for the rest of my life?"

Markle and Prince Harry
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As one might imagine, Meghan did not take the bait.

Thomas had, by this point, divulged the contents of multiple conversations between him and Meghan and even between him and Harry.

Providing him with physical evidence that he might then auction off to various media outlets would have been throwing fuel onto the fire.

Unfortunately, it seems that Thomas is not done badmouthing his daughter, as he may act as a witness for the defense against her. Awful.