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It turns out that Larissa Lima’s time on 90 Day Fiance put her through more than just hateful trolls and her creepy ex-husband.

She’s had some harrowing encounters with stalkers. For the first time, she’s opening up about that experience.

Larissa Lima Takes a Thoughtful Selfie

Taking to Instagram in a now-deleted post, Larissa Lima is warning fans of the high cost of fame.

"It begins with a seemingly heartfelt message you receive from a ‘fan,’ Larissa’s powerful post begins.

"She compliments you," she describes, "and wishes to meet up with you."

"Very quickly," Larissa reveals, "she messages you that you are an ugly whore and she wishes ill on you."

Larissa Lima is Visibly Frustrated

To make matters worse, the stalker whom Larissa describes is far from alone.

"She is one of many women that will develop a strange and disturbing obsession with you," Larissa narrates.

"They will stalk your every move on social media," she warns, "paying close attention to who you are close to."

Larissa cautions that these disturbed individuals will take note of your friends "and stalk them as well."

Larissa Lima Delivers Big News

"These women will go after your husband or boyfriend," Larissa notes.

Larissa weathered Colt’s awful cheating scandal in December of 2018, though it appeared that Colt had told those women that his marriage was over.

But after she broke up with Eric Nichols this past fall, she received some very explicit and hurtful voice messages from an unidentified woman.

She writes that these women do this "not because they want them, but to upset you."

Larissa Lima is Unhappy

Larissa grimly reveals: "Their DMs will be beyond inappropriate."

"They will try to hunt down those you are involved with sentimentally," she cautions.

Larissa even details that these secondary targets are "including your family."

They will do so "in an attempt to cause a devastating family rift." That is just awful.

Larissa Lima is Single Again

"In order to hurt me over their unhealthy obsession," Larissa laments, "they hurt many other people."

"It is not harmless," she emphasizes.

Larissa concludes her post: "It is hateful."

Though the post has since been deleted, you can see a screenshot preserved by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates right here:

Larissa also gave a brief statement to In Touch Weekly about the very real consequences of being stalked.

"There are times when the obsessive stalking gets so much for me that it physically hurts," Larissa laments.

"I know I chose to put my life out there on a reality show," she states.

Larissa adds: "And I acknowledge that I’m a controversial figure."

Larissa Lima: The Queen Takes a Bath

"However, it is one thing to be criticized online," Larissa notes.

She continues: "And another to be harassed in an attempt to ruin my livelihood, my family, my soul."

She is absolutely right. Hating someone for their antics on reality television does not give you a license to try to ruin their life.

Besides, we all know that careful editing and high-pressure situations mean that behavior on 90 Day Fiance is not exactly indicative of who someone is.

Larissa Lima Smells a Single Rose

We are so sorry that Larissa had to endure this.

Unfortunately, it can get even worse. Some stalkers, fixated upon imagined relationships with public figures, physically follow and even attack them.

We hope that Larissa remains safe from harm and free of such vile harassment.