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We probably don’t need to tell you these are tumultuous times within the royal family.

And it seems that if the Queen was hoping to be consoled by the promise of more grandchildren, she may be out of luck.

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That is to say, she might not be seeing any more offspring from Prince Charles’ kids, which, let’s be honest, is the only part of the family anyone really cares about.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their first child in May of last year, and there’s reason to believe it may be their last.

Sure, Meghan and Harry say they want two kids, but they also said they wanted to be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and look how that turned out!

We kid! But in all seriousness, no one would be surprised if MegHar decided to focus on their philanthropic efforts rather than expanding their family.

Harry and Meghan and Archie
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As for Will and Kate, well, they’ve already provided the Queen with three grandchildren — and it looks as though they’ve officially made the decision to close up shop.

Or more accurately, William has decided that he’s sired enough heirs for one lifetime.

Kate met with various community leaders Khidmat Centre in Bradford, Yorkshire this week, and she seemed pleased to make the acquaintance of a young man named Josh Macpalce.

Macpalce excitedly informed Kate that he had sent her congratulatory cards following the births of each of her children.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Get Fancy
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He then asked if she planned on having a fourth child.

“I don’t think William wants any more,” Kate politely replied.

Now, it’s possible she was just side-stepping the issue or transferring her own feelings onto Will in order to shut down the line of questioning.

Whaever the case, it seems like Kate is in no hurry to welcome a fourth kid.

Kate Middleton Stands and Smiles
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Her latest remarks echo comments she made on a recent trip to Northern Ireland.

Greeting some random peasant baby, Kate was heard to remark:

“He’s gorgeous. It makes me feel broody.”

For Americans, the word "broody" might conjure images of a Morrissey video directed by Wes Anderson, or George Michael Bluth sulking away to the sad strains of a Charlie Brown Christmas concerto.

Kate Middleton: Baby Bump on Display
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But Brits take a much more literal view.

For them, "broody" means "the desire for a larger brood," and it seems the Irish kid’s dad knew exactly what she meant

“Baby number four?” he asked.

“I think William would be a little worried," Kate replied.

We would’ve had even more respect for her if she replied, "Four kids?! Yeah, no, I don’t need an army of peasant babies to till my potato fields, peasant."

Maybe next time.