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The season just kicked off less than 24 hours ago, but for months now, The Bachelor spoilers have been circulating.

Chris Harrison and just about everyone else involved in Peter Weber’s season has been telling us that this year will be different.

Peter Weber and His Suitors
Photo via ABC

Of course, Harrison has spent the past two decades promising us that every development on every episode is the most shocking scene EVER, sio his comments should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Producers doubled-down on those remarks last night by flashing forward to the finale, in which Harrison seems to deliver some game-changing information to Peter just as he’s preparing for his final rose ceremony.

Of course, with the way the opening was shot, it was hard to tell exactly what was happening.

Peter Weber as The Bachelor: A Photo
Photo via ABC

The show has a history of misleading edits designed to create false impressions, and many fans believe we witnessed more of those tactics last night.

Specifically, they think the Peter and Chris’ conversation did not take place during the final rose ceremony, but several days earlier, when there were still three contestants in the running, not two.

This is the point where we warn you to read no further if you wish to be surprised by how the rest of this season plays out.

Victoria Fuller and Buxton
Photo via Instagram

Okay. Now, if you’ve been keeping up with our Bachelor spoilers these past few months, you know that Victoria Fuller is this season’s resident pot-stirrer.

Along with Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewitt, Victoria makes it to Peter’s final three.

She goes no further, however, as it’s revealed that Victoria has a checkered past that involves a tendency to break up her friends’ marriages by seducing their husbands.

Victoria F. Photo
Photo via ABC

Word on the street is that Victoria’s betrayed besties contact the show toward the end of the season, Peter is made aware of her unsavory secret, and she’s unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

Obviously, the men in those marriages are more to blame than Victoria, but we can see why Peter would be less than thrilled to learn that one of his potential future wives had recently engaged in such sketchy behavior.

So the most prevalent theory at this point is that last night’s flash-forward showed Peter receiving the news about Victoria.

And that certainly makes sense — but it seems there’s more to the story.

Victoria Fuller and Cat
Photo via Instagram

For the past several seasons, Bachelor and Bachelorette spoilers have been easy to come by thanks mainly to the efforts of one man.

Reality Steve is a TV blogger who can be usually be counted on to deliver the Bachelor dirt, and he has provided a steady stream of intel on events leading up to the selection of Peter’s final two.

But that’s where his updates end — and it seems there’s good reason for that.

Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor
Photo via ABC

Producers have reportedy gone to great lengths to keep the outcome of Peter’s season under wraps.

In fact, in an interview with People, Weber promised that this would be "the very first unspoiled season in a while."

So how did the show manage to pull of this new level of secrecy?

Peter and Hannah 4 Eva?
Photo via ABC

Well, some believe the details of Peter’s proposal have not been revealed for the simple reason that the proposal hasn’t happened yet.

Yes, fans are convinced that producers have decided to switch things up by having Peter propose live on the After the Rose special. 

That would mean an excruciating wait for Hannah and Madison, as the rest of the seasobn was filmed several months ago.

But we guess you should never underestimate the lengths ABC will go to in order to silence Reality Steve!