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A new season of The Bachelor is upon us, and with it, the annual question of how to watch a reality show with 34 cast members (including Peter Weber and, apparently, Hannah Brown).

After all, there’s no way you’re gonna remember the names and faces of all these women, and in most cases, that effort will be wasted, as all but a few will wind up making sad, rose-less strolls to the limo long before the most interesting part of the season even begins.

Peter Weber as The Bachelor: A Photo

(Look, this early part is fun in the way that American Idol auditions are fun, but you know it’s all about the Hometown Round and beyond.)

There are several ways to address this common problem.

We think the most effective method is to follow our Bachelor spoilers so that you know from the start who will end up in Peter’s fantasy windmill, but we understand that not everyone wants to know in advance where the show is headed, and who will be kicked to the curb.

The second best indication of which contestant you should be keeping an eye on is the first impression rose.

Photo via ABC

If you watched Monday night’s 3-hour Bachelor season premiere, then you know Peter’s first rose went to Hannah Ann Sluss, a 23-year-old Knoxville-based model.

Hannah S. is close friends with Hannah Godwin and Caelynn Miller-Keyes from Colton Underwood’s season (apparently Bachelor franchise stardom is the big leagues for Southern models and pageant contestants), so we’re sure she went into the night well aware of the importance of the first impression rose.

But it’s worth noting that as an indicator of future success on the show, the first rose of the season is not as important as it’s often made out to be.

In fact, only one impression rose winner has gone on to victory, and that took place in Season 17, in which Sean Lowe gave first-night roses to twelve lucky ladies.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, Still Together

(One of them, Catherine Giudici, later accepted his proposal. The couple is still married, and they recently welcomed their third child,)

However, the first impression rose is a solid indicator that the contestant will make it into the top six, so yes, it’s safe to say you should be keeping an eye on Hannah.

(If you want to know her fate in this season’s final episodes, we’ll direct you to the gallery below. For the sake of those who prefer to be surprised, we’ll be keeping the remainder of this article spoiler-free.)

Interestingly, Hannah’s intro was nothing special.

Hannah Ann S.

No props or other gimmicks — she simply introduced herself and went in for a friendly hug.

Sure, she announced that she’s "in loooooove!" as she entered the house, but as far as we can tell, Peter didn’t hear that part.

Though she still lives with her parents, Hannah’s modeling career is no joke.

She’s modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Good American, and Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James,

She’s represented by the reputable Wilhelmina agency; she’s appeared on Project Runway, and she can even be seen enjoying a jog on the bottle of Downey fabric softener in your laundry room.

Hannah is all about relationships but her last major one seems to have ended at the very beginning of 2017.

Based on the fact that pics of her ex can still be found on her Instagram page, it’s safe to say that one ended amicably, and Hannah said in her Bachelor bio that her "last relationship [was] all chemistry but little friendship."

In other words, the physical attraction was there, but conversations never went deeper than where to grab dinner.

Peter W 3

Clearly, she won’t be having the same problem with Peter.

Hell, Hannah couldn’t stop talking to this dude, much to the annoyance of the other contestants.

Of course, Peter didn’t seem to mind all those interruptions, as he hand-picked Hannah to receive the first prize of the season.

So as the competition heats up, Ms. Sluss is in a pretty enviable position.

If she can just ward off the likes of Victoria Fuller — and, apparently, Hannah Brown — she should be poised to grab the coveted title of Peter’s co-pilot.