Duggar Men Look For One Specific, Disturbing Quality While Courting, Source Claims

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While we know a great deal about the infamous Duggar courtship rules, surprisingly little is known about the method through which Duggar men find their future wives.

After all, they're not allowed to go to bars or use dating apps, and when it comes to potential wives, the sons of Jim Bob are looking for something very, very specific.

Jed and Duggars

Usually, they're introduced to their courting partners through family friends -- or through the church.

Jim Bob reportedly prefers the latter method -- unless, of course, he's the one making the introductions, of course.

And what qualities do Duggar men look for when they first hit the dating scene?

Well, not surprisingly a woman -- or girl, really, as many Duggars marry while still in their teens -- must be "chaste" and "godly" and come from a "respectable" family, preferably one that lives in Arkansas so that they can be vetted by Jim Bob.

The Dillards vs. the Duggars

They should be younger than the courting male in order to allow for a wide window of breeding opportunity.

But above all, they should be open to taking orders.

Servile, docile, many terms have been used to describe this quality, both by the Duggars and by the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP) training manuals that essentially dictate Jim Bob's beliefs.

The importance of being willing to follow orders was confirmed this week by an anonymous Reddit user who claimed to have been courted by a close famlily friend of the Duggars.

Pregnant Duggars

“[I] dated a friend of the Duggars and can confirm, that is exactly what many of the guys are looking for, a doormat,” the user wrote.

These priorities seem to be confirmed by the frequency with which Jeremy Vuolo praises Jinger Duggar's "meekness."

Obviously, the woman who dated a Duggar friend can't say with absolute authority what the Duggars themselves look for in a woman.

But she says the guy she dated was also an IBLP member, and there's not much room for independent thought within that cult organization.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson on Their Gram

And so, every Duggar guy after Josh (he's the only one to marry a woman who's not younger than him) has followed the same basic formula:

Find a younger woman who will do whatever you say, marry her immediately, and start making babies ASAP.

It's hard to believe this mentality still exists in 2020, but that's the Duggars for you.

No wonder Jana Duggar has decided to stay single.

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