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Last month, viewers saw Dennis McKinley’s bizarre excuses for cheating when he and Porsha Williams sat down for couples therapy.

In this week’s episode, after re-proposing, Dennis had to face Porsha’s family to explain why he had betrayed and humiliated her.

Porsha Williams and Boyfriend
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One week after re-proposing to Porsha, Dennis went face to face with her family.

Dennis was prepared to sit down with Porsha’s mom, Diane, and her sister, Lauren. 

Weirdly, he surprised Porsha by announcing that he had invited his mother, too, which didn’t seem appropriate. Porsha was visibly surprised.

Porsha Williams Stands with Dennis McKinley
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"Alright, so, I could’ve did this individually; I’ve had a conversation with my mom already;" Dennis began.

He continued: "But we really couldn’t get to this point without your help with PJ, so I really appreciate that."

"Secondly, me and Porsha have been through some rough times in the last two months–" Dennis says before being interrupted.

"Felt like a year," Lauren commented.

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley Hold One-Month-Old Pilar
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"–dealing with my infidelity, and I just want to apologize to everybody," Dennis soldiered on.

"We got a lot more work to do, but we family," he affirmed. (He’s using an awful lot of "we" language; "we" didn’t cheat)

Dennis then expressed: "So I think that at the end of the day, I think it’s very important to make a commitment to stick by each other during the downs."

He continued: "And root for each other on the upside, ’cause the ups are easy. I’m taking accountability for my own stuff."

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"But it’s tough, man," Dennis had the audacity to complain.

He griped: "When you in a situation where Mama Diane or Lauren may be watching PJ and I can’t even call PJ ’cause I’m blocked."

At this point, Porsha pointed out that he could call the iPad, but he dismissed that as "ridiculous." Ahh, the sound of male entitlement.

"Because the elephant in the room is you. You had done something to the family," Porsha explained to him. 

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"You had done something to me," Porsha reasons. "Let’s forget family. You had done something to me. Period."

"The line was drawn naturally because, at a point in time, we didn’t even think that you and I were gonna get back together," she said.

"So why would my family be still reaching out to you at a point in time they really having to hold me up?" she asked.

"Physically hold me up," Porsha emphasized. "Physically remind me, ‘You have a daughter in the next room.’"

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Lauren pointed out how personal this is to her — being that she’s a single mom who was cheated on while she was pregnant.

Diane gaveDennis a well-deserved hard time for making her daughter another "statistic."

There are cultural forces at play and, to put it bluntly, she’s saying that Dennis’ behavior embarrassed not only Porsha but the larger African American community.

They also spoke to Gina, who apologized for how she initially seemed solely on Dennis’ side. She and Porsha seemed to make peace.

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Of course, this was filmed months before Dennis McKinley was spotted with four flirty gals eating dinner together at 4am.

In the mean time, Kenya was exposed for allegedly wearing wigs despite years of insistence that she only wears her natural hair.

Semi-related, it looks like Kenya believes that Tanya has been cheated on by Paul. At least, that’s the working theory.

On a more touching note, Eva had a tearful conversation about her daughter considering Mike to be her real father.

That’s wholesome, particularly since Eva describes her ex (her daughter’s biological father) as abusive and was fearful of him for a long time.