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For some unfathomable reason, Porsha Williams is back with her cheating fiance, Dennis McKinley. Fans still don’t understand why.

It’s now even harder to understand after viewers saw Dennis and Porsha in therapy together discussing the cheating.

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On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

"We were just talking about, what is it gonna take to get beyond where you are?" Dr. Sherry told them in therapy.

"’Cause I remember at one point, you said you were done done, and Dennis," Dr. Sherry added. "I’m gonna start with you."

"Why do you think you came today?" Dennis is asked. "And help me understand where you are."

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"I think we’ve been through a lot these last few months, you know," Dennis says.

He opines: "And everything was good."

"But I made a mistake," Dennis acknowledges. "I cheated."

Porsha already has a huge issue with Dennis’ choice of diction, here.

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"It’s not a mistake," Porsha passionately corrects him. "A mistake, to me, is like take the wrong exit."

"You don’t make a mistake and set up with someone and cheat," she expresses.

Porsha adds: "That’s not where he needs to be, and in order for me to heal, in order for me to move forward."

She continues: "He has to be in a place, in my eyes, of taking full accountability for his actions. Period."

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"No matter how it looks and it feels," Porsha makes clear. "It insults me when he says mistake."

Dennis then tries to explain why he cheated.

"You know, we had a rough pregnancy all the way from start to finish," he points out, as if that mattered one iota.

"Sex during pregnancy is nothing like what a man wants to do," he adds, making countless viewers want to trebuchet him into the sun.

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"But I mean, we had sex throughout the pregnancy," a visibly annoyed Porsha fires back.

She adds: "You do realize that I saw the inappropriate text after I had PJ?"

"Yeah, and after PJ got here, postpartum was very real," Dennis complains. "You know, we cried together like every night."

"And that’s not a good enough why, but that’s the why," he says inexcusably.


Porsha explains what makes this so much harder.

"All the rough stuff that he said that I went through, he was literally by my side," she admits as tears well in her eyes.

Porsha notes: "And that’s one of the things that’s been like really difficult."

Dr. Sherry then asks if Dennis actually understands that what he did was wrong and why it hurt his then-fiancee.

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Dennis’ mumbling reply is far from encouraging.

"It was, uh, you know, a poor decision," Dennis admits almost under his breath. "And it’s a selfish decision."

"I’ve done my best to let Porsha know that I love her," he adds.

Dennis continues: "And I’m remorseful, I’m apologetic. And priority for me is her and our baby."

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Porsha expresses: "I’m terribly disappointed, and I’m hurt. Dennis, it’s just been really hard."

"All these choices that I’ve had to make," she explains. "I’ve been having to be strong because we have a daughter."

"She needs to know that, listen, at the end of the day, Dad is here," Porsha says.

She continues: "He wants to be here, he’s gonna be faithful, he’s gonna great to her mom, he’s gonna be great to her."

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The sad truth is that Porsha still loves Dennis.

"I haven’t wanted to tell him that because I felt like he didn’t deserve to hear that," she confesses.

"So I haven’t been wanting to tell him that because I felt like I was giving you something," Porsha says.

"But I have to let that go about giving you something," she decides.

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Porsha goes on: "I have to let that go about, ‘Oh, he’s gonna know I forgave him, so now he won’t be sorry anymore.’ F–k that!

"At the end of the day, this is a serious situation," she acknowledges.

Porsha notes: "Our daughter is growing up by leaps and bounds every single day."

"If we’re gonna be together for her," she summarizes, "we need to start working on it."

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Dennis then has enough nerve to say that they’re "technically still engaged."

It’s up to Dr. Sherry to fire back that "technically," Porsha doesn’t have a ring on.

Porsha confirms: "Right, I don’t."

"I want you to understand something," she tells Dennis.

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Porsha warns him: "If you still wanna live how you wanna live because that’s just what your loins want, we can move on with our co-parent life."

"But if you’re really trying to make a commitment over here," she cautions, "that’s what I wanna know from your heart." 

Dennis insists, "I want us to be together. It’s not a co-parent situation. I apologize again."

"I hope we can get to a place where we communicate more," he expresses, "and she can give me another chance."

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"I am pissed, but through all the hurt and the pain, I’ve realized I do want my family," Porsha shares.

"But it’s a work in progress," she acknowledges.

"I can’t just start trusting you overnight," Porsha warns Dennis.

She emphasizes: "It’s not gonna work like that."

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Porsha admits to the camera: "Honestly, I do not know how long it’s going to take me to forgive Dennis."

She explains: "because if we get back together, it has to be real because what I’m not gonna do is have my daughter be in a house with fake love."

"Whether it takes six months, whether it takes a year, I’m gonna take my time," Porsha resolves.

From that conversation alone, it’s baffling that Porsha would take him back. Maybe she’ll dump him for good the next time that he cheats.