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Now that Julianne Hough isn’t wearing her ring, it seems clear that she and husband Brooks Laich have hit a rough patch.

Brooks is talking about "re-assessing" his entire life. How does Julianne figure into this?

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"But first, happiness," reads a piece of self-help advice that Brooks Laich opted to share with his many Instagram followers.

"My new motto," he explains in the caption.

"Lately I’ve been re-assessing many things in my life," Brooks announces.

"And one of the most important things I’ve been looking at," he details, "is how I spend my time every day."

"I’m redefining my priorities," Brooks reveals, "and putting happiness at the forefront."

"I’m making changes to my daily routine," he shares.

Brooks writes that he is tweaking his schedule "and prioritizing the things that bring me the most joy."

"Everything else lines up behind those," he affirms.

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"This is the first week of this new approach," Brooks admits, "and so far I’m absolutely loving it!"

"I’m gonna play with it some more," he shares, "dial it in."

Brooks explains that he plans to make a few more modifications to his blissful schedule "and then share with you what my day looks like."

That would certainly make for an interesting read. After all, not everyone has Brooks’ means, and not everyone enjoys the same activities.

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"I’m sharing this with you to encourage you to assess your life," Brooks explains.

He wants people to consciously examine "how you are spending your time, and what you are prioritizing daily."

"Do you wake up with a ‘to-do’ list every morning?" he asks.

Brooks’ question continues: "Or do you wake up and do things that bring you complete and utter happiness?"

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"I would love to hear your thoughts on this as it pertains to your life," Brooks writes. "Please share them with me below!"

While he opened himself up to commentary, it seems unlikely that many of his followers will point out the obvious.

Most adults have jobs that dictate how they spend their time. Putting "happiness" first is a grand idea … until you run out of money for food and rent.

But that doesn’t mean that people need to burst Brooks’ bubble. The dude has money and should figure out how to best enjoy his day.

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Brooks clearly has a lot to say about his new perspective on how he should go about his day.

But he’s clearly avoiding talking about a subject dear to the hearts of many fans: his marriage to Julianne Hough.

One moment, he was discussing wanting to better understand his own sexuality after Julianne Hough came out as "not straight."

Just as it appeared that they were embarking upon a journey of mutual self-discovery together as a married couple, things changed.

Julianne Hough, Husband

Suddenly, Julianne was no longer wearing her wedding band out in public. That’s .. . very rarely a good sign for a relationship.

Reports say that the two of them have hit a rough patch because of their respective schedules — being in different places at different itmes.

A lack of intimacy and face-to-face communication can be a killer for marriages, which is why so many celebrity relationships fall apart.

Contradictory schedules plus traveling? Not a recipe for success. We wish Brooks and Julianne the very best.