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Fans have been voicing their opinions about Brielle Biermann’s lips for a long time. She’s pretty sick of it.

But a New Year means a new Brielle. She has dissolved her lip fillers, and is showing off the results. Take a look:

Brielle Biermann and Her Famous Lips

"2020," Brielle wrote on her Instagram Stories. "New Year, new me!"

"Dissolved my lips yesterday," she revealed, predicting: "I’m gonna look like 18-year-old Brielle again soon."

To be clear, she didn’t make out with a bottle of drain cleaner. She dissolved her lip fillers.

The process is not without it marks, so she acknowledged that she would be "black and blue for a few days."

Fans of course offered Brielle praise, which prompted her to send some mixed messages.

Sharing a throwback, Brielle wrote: "I know y’all know these lips ain’t the vibe."

The photo in question was of her at age 16 or 17.

She shared a frog emoji, implying that she had had "frog lips." For the record, she did not.

Brielle just had normal lips for a white girl, but we can understand how she may find throwbacks jarring in comparison.

In fact, she has previously suggested that she was "ugly" before her lip fillers, which was never true.

Brielle also shared another throwback that she considered to be somehow unflattering.

She included a number of facepalm emojis to show her embarrassment.

it’s not clear what she intended with these mixed message posts.

Possibly, she may have intended to assure fans that she would be getting much subtler fillers to replace the excessive ones.

Internalized body image issues are extremely common. Brielle has never been anyone’s definition of ugly.

With that said, her newest photo may be one of the most jaw-dropping selfies that she has ever shared.

Brielle Biermann is a Knockout in 2020

Let’s be clear: Brielle, like everyone else on the planet, has every right to do whatever she likes to her own flesh prison.

Her body doesn’t exist to look attractive to other people, it’s there to ferry her brain from one room to the next.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t all have eyes and opinions. That’s part of life when you’re a public figure.

And our eyes and opinions say that Brielle is looking drop-dead gorgeous in 2020.

Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak, and Ariana Biermann Look Alike

It is unclear if the entire Biermann family is planning to tone down their looks.

In the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to remember that fashion and beauty standards change like the pendulum swings.

Imagine telling a model in 1996 that girls in 2016 were self-conscious about having small butts.

Imagine telling a woman in the 1940s that teenager girls were bullying each other for not having a thigh gap.

Brielle Biermann Dresses

The era of the swollen lip may, unlike the lips themselves, be coming to a close. That sounds like cause for celebration.

Brielle was already a knockout, but the very natural look that she’s serving in 2020 is refreshing and drop-dead gorgeous.

She can return to puffy lips if she wants. She can also get plastic surgery to look like a cat or whatever if she wants. Again, it’s her body.

But so long as she’s snapping these stunning selfies, we’re going to enjoy it.