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Brielle Biermann would like nothing on this Earth more than for people to shut up about her lips already.

Yes, she has lip fillers. And yes, she likes them this way.

Now, she says that she has proof that she looks better with them than without them. Take a look:

Brielle Biermann and Her Famous Lips

Brielle Biermann took to social media to share a mildly unflattering throwback photo.

"To those who say i look better before lips," Brielle addresses her post.

She then accuses: "you’re a liar."

Brielle has famously received lip fillers, similar to those of her mother, Kim Zolciak.

Many have criticized Brielle and believe that her natural face looks better, but she disagrees.

"And this photo," Brielle writes. "Is PROOOOOOF!"

Brielle Biermann awkward throwback photo

Brielle does not look bad here — just younger, with a less polished look.

"Thanks for encouraging me to do my thing," Brielle expresses to her fans.

"And," she writes, she enjoys the freedom to "be myself."

Brielle thanks fans for allowing her to do so "without saying sorry."

Her gratitude extends to those fans for lending their support "even if you didn’t know you were."

It’s good that she can draw personal strength from fan encouragement.

Brielle Biermann New Selfie

Brielle shared the throwback photo as her own take on the #10YearChallenge.

In recent days, people have been uploading photos of themselves from 2019 and from 2009.

The goal is to show how much or little you’ve aged, or how much of a glow up you have experienced.

(Some of the people doing it were literal children in 2009, which makes the rest of us feel ancient beyond measure, so thanks for that)

Brielle wanted to highlight how much she has transformed (though it was in less than 10 years).

It’s understandable that she would be defensive over her lips.

Brielle Biermann's Casual Look

Brielle is unquestionably hot, and she has the social media clout that goes with that appeal.

But time and time again, people have zeroed in on her lips.

People are entitled to their opinions, of course, but some have taken it too far by posting rude and hateful comments.

They have even done so of photos of Brielle and her mom, Kim.

"Holy s–t….what’s wrong with her lips," wrote an extremely rude fan under a photo that Kim shared.

Kim deactivated comments on that post as a response to the hate, and issued a stern defense of her eldest daughter.

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak, Twinning

"Messing with my kids is gonna be a big one, you know?" Kim admitted last summer. "Let’s use Brielle’s lips, right?"

"So when Brielle wanted her lips done," sh eexplained. "It was something that she’s never really liked,”

“She’s always talked about wanting bigger lips," Kim continued. "She turned 18, I took her to the best."

"That’s her decision, her choice," she affirmed. "I took her to the best."

"She was very open because she said she didn’t want other girls that felt like her to not know that there wasn’t an option," she added.

"So she shared that with the world," Kim said. "Then, they’re like, ‘You look like a duck, you look awful, they look terrible, blah, blah, blah.’"

Kim concluded: "And Brielle’s like, ‘Well f–k, maybe I shouldn’t say anything.’ I said, ‘No, you just basically do you.’"

Brielle Biermann Dresses

Brielle Biermann is a beautiful and successful young woman.

Her lips are her own business.

You don’t have to like them — you just have to, you know, communicate your thoughts politely or not at all.

That’s a pretty good guide for anyone’s physical appearance.