Audrey Roloff Reacts to Kobe Bryant's Death, Cherishes Time with Kids

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The shocking death of Kobe Bryant is being felt far beyond the sports world.

As previously noted, A-List celebrities have also reacted to the tragedy that took place on Sunday morning -- when a private helicopter crashed, taking the lives of Bryant, his daughter and seven other individuals -- but so have relatively lesser-known entertainers.

People such as Audrey Roloff, we mean.

Audrey Roloff Reads

The former Little People, Big World star never met Kobe or anyone of the accident victims.

But it's clear this horrific crash has resonated with the mother of two.

"Feeling extra grateful for the simplests moments like this one," wrote Audrey as a caption to the image above, responding to Bryant's passing as follows:

"I cannot imagine the grief of losing my husband AND a child. Just the thought of it is unbearable.

"I’ve been thinking since I heard the news yesterday about the helicopter crash, how social media has enabled us to share in the grief and mourning of those we don’t personally know."

A Kiss for Bode

The situation Roloff describes here, of course, is what Vanessa Bryant is now going through.

She's suddenly a widow, with three daughters at home, including a seven-month home.

Audrey and husband Jeremy, meanwhile, just welcomed their second child, a son named Bode, in early January.

"As much as this platform has its pitfalls, one thing I love most about it is it’s ability to move our hearts towards compassion," continued Audrey.

"It gives us an opportunity to “mourn with those who mourn,” to pray for those we don’t personally know, to honor legacy, and take inventory of how we are living our own fragile lives."

Audrey Roloff, Post-Birth

Bryant and his teenage daughter, Gianna, were flying to a basketball tournament at the time the crash took place.

In the years since he retired from the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe had grown even closer to Gianna and his other kids.

"I don’t know about you but it seems like the heartache I’ve seen in my social media feed these past couple months has increased - tragic accidents, miscarriages, terminal illness, children taken too soon, devastating fires, and more," added Audrey on Instagram.

Resting with Her Kids

Roloff didn't want to make this tragedy all about her or anything.

But she is using her platform to discuss the profound effect it has had on her, her faith and how she approaches every single day.

"I’ve struggled to find the right response, and in my questioning and praying and heart aching, I’ve paused long enough to to listen to God," Audrey write.

"And in the words of Lysa Terkeurst, “... there is always a message there. And usually it’s only in the shock of loss that we all stop long enough to hear it. It’s only when we are forced to face the excruciating reality of how very fragile, short, and precious life is, that we realize what we now must do to live in light of eternity.

"Love more. Forgive more. Hold on to God’s truth more.” ....Always more. Yes and amen."

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff and Baby

How does one even go on after this sort of death?

After something like this happens to a sports legend? The father of four? A role model to millions?

Roloff says she has found "comfort" in the words down below.

We'll wrap up by simply pasting them here and wishing everyone out there nothing but the best:

Roloff Women, Babies

We know if no sparrow falls beyond the ken of your compassion, that you also, in this moment, inhabit our sadness at this wounding, your respond at the worlds brokenness somehow deeper than our own.

Be near to us, O God. Be near each of us who must reckon with the sorrow of death and the sting of separation, for what we feel in this loss is nothing less than the groan of all creation.

Our finite minds cannot trace the deeper mysteries of your eternal mendings, but this we know with certainty:

You are merciful and loving, gentle and compassionate, caring tenderly for all that you have made

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