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The tragic death of Kobe Bryant has prompted a great deal of sorrow and sympathy from the public at large.

Sadly, it has also prompted renewed disdain between Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner.

How has the sudden passing of a true sports legend ramped up the rivalry between Rob Kardashian’s baby mama and Rob Kardashian’s half-sister? Allow us to explain…

black versus kylie

As you likely know by now, Kobe, daughter Gianna and seven other individuals died on Sunday morning when a private helicopter on which they were flying crashed into the mountains near Calabasas, California.

Kylie was among the many celebrities who paid tribute to Bryant shortly after this fatal disaster.

She did so by sharing the Instagram post below — but then also by noting a very sad coincidence:

She had previously flown on the very same private helicopter, with the very same pilot, as the one on which Bryant traveled and then died a few days ago.

Moreover, Kylie has taken her niece on at least one of these helicopter trips.

Upon learning about these flights, an attorney fro Blac Chyna issued a blistering statement late on Monday to a number of news outlets.

She made it clear that Chyna was unaware that Kylie had been taking dream up in a private helicopter, trashing Jenner for such an act… and also for the way she reacted overall to Bryant’s passing.

Blac Chyna on the Gram

“Chyna has become aware that Kylie Jenner is using the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant, his beautiful daughter, and seven other precious souls to profess her ‘distress’ that she and Dream had ridden on the same helicopter with the same pilot prior to Sunday’s horrific crash,” reads this statement.

It continues:

“What Kylie failed to disclose was that Chyna never gave Kylie permission to take her precious daughter, Dream, on a helicopter ride and that Chyna never would have given Kylie that permission.

"No parents should find out after the fact that their child has participated in a dangerous activity without their permission.

"Chyna was distraught to learn that Kylie had taken Dream on that helicopter ride in November 2019.

"Chyna voiced her strong objections to Rob [Kardashian] and insisted that it never happen again.”

Kylie Jenner Celebrates Monday

Rob and Chyna have done an admirable job of co-parenting their daughter over the past two years, despite major acrimony between the stars themselves.

The tension seems to be hitting an all-time high, however, with Kardashian recently alleging that Chyna has been poisoning little Dream’s mind and hinting that he may file for full custody.

He has recently stated for the legal record that Chyna has done cocaine around the toddler and also that she has taught Dream a variety of sexual positions.

Sadly, we’re not kidding, as outlined here:

Following Kobe’s death, Kylie mentioned online how the helicopter pilot (who also perished in the accident) was a "nice man," adding in her tribute to the victims:

“At [a] loss for words right now. Praying for this beautiful family.”

The Kylie Cosmetics star went on to write on her Instagram Story the following day:

“Rest in peace … and prayers to these families. I still can’t believe this. That was the helicopter I would fly on from time to time with that pilot, Ara [Zobayan.] He was such a nice man. Hold your loved ones close.”

Kobe Bryant, Daughter

Chyna, for her part, also recognized Kobe, Gianna and the other seven passengers to conclude her attack against Jenner.

This is what her lawyer said on her behalf:

“Chyna sends her heartfelt prayers and condolences to all of the families impacted by yesterday’s tragedy.”