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The Real Housewives of New York City alum Carole Radziwill has had some sassy remarks about her former show.

Now she has some much more serious reflections on a failed friendship with Bethenny.

Carole also mentions that she only spent time with Tinsley when the producers needed her to. Ouch.

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This week, Carole Radziwill appeared on The Jenny McCarthy Show to speak to the noted plague enthusiast about her experience on RHONY.

And Tinsley Mortimer has had more flattering descriptions of her made.

"Tinsley and I weren’t really clicking," Carole Radziwille admits.

"We were on the show together," she notes, but "no one wanted to film with her that much."

"I had fixed her up with this guy I knew," Carole says, referring to Scott Kluth. "So it was an easy way to do scenes together."

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"We filmed a lot together," Carole recalls. "But a lot of it was, ‘Oh you’re going to stay in Tinsley’s room’ when the producer would divvy up rooms."

In other words, they shared a lot of screen time, but did not do so very organically.

"I was like ‘Okay, but that’s not really what I would do," she admits.

Carole clarifies: "I would normally go to the Hamptons and stay at Bethenny’s house,’”

“‘This is weird that I’m staying at Tinsley’s.’ So a lot of that," she explains. "And Bethenny knew that."

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"After filming, I never spoke with Tinsley," Carole reveals.

"And," she continues. "I haven’t seen or talked to her in a year or two years,”

“We weren’t clicking," Carole explains, despite any appearances to the contrary.

She adds: "That was one of those story lines."

It’s not at all uncommong for reality TV producers to put two characters in proximity to each other, even if they wouldn’t normally spend that time together.

Honeslty, this is The Real Housewives — most groups of neighbors don’t go on annual vacations without their families, either.

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"“I was a very good friend to [Bethenny]," Carole says. "That’s all I’m going to say."

"I supported her in her charities, I gave her a lot of money…I really cared about her," she details.

Carole expresses: "I was just being a really good friend to her."

Seeing their falling out after just a few months spent apart was … difficult.

Sometimes, strong personalities do not react well to a little distance.

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As for the postmortum view of her erstwhile friendship with Bethenny Frankel, Carole has some thoughts.

"I think I was trying to establish some boundaries at the end," Carole expresses.

"And sometimes," she laments. "People don’t do well with that."

"I just wanted … it was just a little too much Bethenny and not enough Carole in that relationship," Carole assesses.

"But," she emphasizes. "I didn’t blow that friendship up."

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Analyzing how a friendship came to an end can be nothing short of agonizing — even when so much of that played out on television.

But we have to say that we’re not sure how Tinsley Mortimer may be feeling right now.

Carole’s dryest assessment is that what looked like a friendship between them was just a storyline … and that nobody actually liked her.

Carole isn’t saying that to be mean. That’s just her assessment of the situation.