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Fans seem to be in agreement that Lauren Caldwell is in a courtship with one of the Duggars.

They just can’t agree on which one.

Lauren Caldwell Image

In case you’re unaware, Lauren is the sister of Joseph Duggar’s wife, Kendra.

Now, it would be a massive understatement to say that the Duggar and Caldwell families are close.

These two Arkansas clans are practically intertwined, which is just as their respective patriarchs — Jim Bob Duggar and Pastor Paul Caldwell — would prefer it.

The two men are so keen on the idea of melding their fundamentalist families into one massive tribe that it seems as though a Caldwell girl marrying a Duggar boy was always an inevitability.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar Together

There’s been some debate over whether or not Joseph and Kendra’s marriage was arranged by their fathers.

While the young folks probably had some say in the matter, it seems the decision that Kendra would marry into the Duggar clan came from on high.

As we exclusively reported back in 2017, before she made it official with Joseph, Kendra was courted by Jedidiah Duggar.

Now, it appears that it’s Lauren’s turn to take various Duggar men for a test drive.

Kendra and Lauren Caldwell

To be clear, we’re not suggesting that she’s hooked up with any of her potential suitors.

The Duggar courtship rules still hold tremendous sway over the entire family, which means that unmarried couples are still forbidden to go beyond the hand-holding stage.

But it does look as though Lauren is considering taking part in the merging of the Caldwell and Duggar clans.

She just might be having some difficulty deciding on a point of entry.

Lauren Caldwell

First, it was rumored that Lauren was courting Jason Duggar.

Shortly thereafter, fans became convinced that Caldwell was involved with James Duggar.

Now, a typo in a widely-circulated article has led to a hilarious rumor that Lauren is involved with Josh Duggar.

Obviously, there’s no basis to that last one — though what a scandal it would be! — so we’ll focus on the two rumors that actually have some substance.

When Joseph and Kendra welcomed their second child back in November, a TLC camera crew was on hand to document the occasion.

A special about the birth aired earlier this month, and fans noticed that Lauren and Jason seemed especially close.

To be fair, they were huddled together to look at the baby, but it was a far more intimate gesture than we usually see from the Duggars.

A few weeks later, Lauren reappeared on TLC, this time on a regular episode of Counting On.

Lauren Caldwell

The installment featured a baking scene in which Lauren put her hand on top of James’ when the two of them were opening the oven door.

Again, not much, but this is a family that has rules against premarital hugging.

In that context, hand-on-hand contact is a very big deal.

Obviously, Lauren is a long way from making it official with either Duggar — but don’t be surprised if you hear a courtship announcement sometime in early 2020.